You Know You're a Cosplayer When.....

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#1 EverEvolvingGrl on 12 years ago

I don't know if this game has already been done......
When I was *ahem* a young girl, I used to play this game in the car to Otakon with friends.
It goes like this!

You know your a cosplayer when......

You have to weigh to pros and cons of paying rent over buying more fabric ^^;;

Now you try!

#2 questionablekri on 12 years ago

you know you're a cosplayer when...

your closet is filled with more costumes than "real clothes" (and when you say that you put real clothes in qoutation marks)

#3 Winter Divinity on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

-You don't sleep in your room anymore because it's been turned into your "sewing room".

-You have cuts from pins and burns from soldering.

-You only buy clothings that associate with cosplay somehow. (ie, Rinoa's black tank top, Rikku's green skirt, etc)

#4 Usachan on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

You find yourself obessed so much with the character from a particular
anime that's your favorite that you start doing everything they would do.

#5 Lukas Sanvien on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

your room is now your "closet" and your closet is your "armory".

I have quite literally turned my room and closet into nothing but clothing and weapon racks for cosplay. I sleep on a futon in the middle of my floor, next to my sewing machine, my hot glue gun, my sequin machine, and a few other necessary tools.

I'm horrible. :toothy:

#6 phantomthief on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

The first thing that comes into peoples' minds when they first walk into your room is "SHE'S A MASS MURDERER" due to the row of heads sitting on your desk.

You look at an official figure and point out the inaccuracies in the costume.

You have to run a magnet over your floor before vacuuming to check for pins.

You have a single costume that takes up more room than your bed.

You remember exactly what that particular character was wearing down to the lapel pins, but can't for the life of you remember his/her name XD

Opening a cosworx wig box is like Christmas morning.


#7 Acuzio on 12 years ago

when you cosplay to work ..and no one notices any diffrence

#8 black shinigami on 12 years ago

When you sacrifice your hair just for that certain character

#9 Bish on 12 years ago

You Know Your A Cosplayer When...

~When you get into fights over fabrics in the store with your friends that security was called (guilty....)

~You spend more money on cosplays and materials then you pay for your "normal" clothes

#10 Eda on 12 years ago

You know you are a cosplayer when....

- you try to learn how to sew clothes and how to make clothes with patterns that can't make them easy (most of costume are quite hard to make pattern paper, right?)

-there is a wig(or more than 1) in your wardrobe.

-have many shoes, with many styles.

-always look at the character that you want to cosplay and try to seperate the costume (how can it do?)

-try to do the same posture like the character you like or wanna cosplay.

it has more.... but I have no idea how to put them all. So That's it

#11 Arlette on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

You go to Victoria Secret and instead of looking at undergarments, you study the craftsmanship of the angel wings on the mannequins. XD

#12 natsukoarts on 12 years ago

you wont cut or dye your hair any other colour because you have to cosplay a certain character...

you start eating food as suggested by characters in your favorite anime (ex: putting mayonzise, salt and soy sauce on ramen and eating stale crackers, and flat soda) - just to try and see if it is edible.... (and it is actually not so bad if you get it in the right proportions)

#13 Panda-chan on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when...

No matter where you are or what you are doing you'll see something that is "perfect for [insert character]" even if you have no intention of ever making that costume.

For example: You're in a pet store and see the aquarium air filter tubing and think you could convert that into part of a costume or you are in a kitchen supply store and think if you take apart the garlic press you could use it as part of a prop. Or perhaps in the automotive department and thought you could use a hubcap for a shield or armor. So many stores, so many possible cosplay supplies...

#14 Serria on 12 years ago

-Before you cosplay a certain character, you play the game/watch the anime again, read official profiles, read fanfics, etc. so you can truly get a better understanding of said character.

-You actually try to work out the gravity-defying hair

-You'd never tell anyone outside the cosplay community how much money you actually waste, er, [i]spend[/i] on cosplay.

- You.... cosplay. (sorry, it had to be said. :D)

#15 Elendriel on 12 years ago

You know you're a cosplayer when....

People think you should be a spy with all the wigs that you have lying around

You have a closet specifically for costumes and they outnumber your "real clothes"

Your carpet is forever filled with pins

Your room has becoming a workshop with nowhere to sleep

Costume-making outwieghs doing homework or work

** this is so true for me and it's scary lol. People tease me I should be a spy with all the different wigs I have