last month panic tread

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#1 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

ok this is the panic tread

are you done ?? suuurely not this is hthe panic room ^^

will you enter in many maskerade??

hey costume con people let us know more stuff its the last month comme on ^^
its the last minute post

is there anithing you wanna plan ?? like room party or just get togetter
post it here^^

need friend in a room your at the right place

need a manequin to wear your dress or just a friend to be in the maskerade with you well its the last minute tread go ahead and get lucky ^^

nya!! just soo cool i miss ya all ^^
just can<t wait but iam such panic time haha hug!!

#2 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

room people: were only 3 in our room ^^
need one person if any availlable ^^

were 2 girl and a guy ^^(no pervert please iam too young ^^lol)

#3 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago


*deep breath*

Okay now that I got that out of my system. :D

I am entering final-month panic. But considering last year I build a costume in 6 weeks from the ground up, and I already have a majority of my SF&F competition piece done, I should be able to finish in time. SHOULD. The wings are daunting me. I have no idea how to do the mechanism. There's so many little things that need to get done here and there that I'm just going AAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!!!! *flail*

And I need STAGE DIMENSIONS! We haven't even started to choreograph because we don't know how big the stage is going to be!

#4 khenemetset on 9 years ago

I discovered that freaking out is counter productive. :) If it all gets done; great, if not the only person to really be disappointed will be the two of us involved.

Though, at this stage, it'll get done.

#5 RaDragon76 on 9 years ago

I'm not panicking about costumes yet. Except for finishing my historical everything else if done and ready. I've decided not to panic since it never helps me when I do. Last time I did I spent a lot of time using a seam ripper and spent double the amount of time sewing the costume because of it.

#6 Sarcasm-hime on 9 years ago

I'm plugging away; panic hasn't set in but I'm sure it will soon. My dress is still in giant pieces all over my sofa...however it's the embellishment that will take the most time. Need to buy a reading light so I can bead/embroider in the car!

#7 Gravely on 9 years ago

only competing in the SF/F, but I have to be done more than a week early, as I am helping run a haunted house /horror con the week before, so will have no time to work on stuff right up against cc.

#8 Buddycat on 9 years ago

Fortunately, it's just touch up stuff for me on the SF & F. The rest of the time I"ll be doing my archiver thing, taking pictures.

#9 supergeekgirl on 9 years ago

Still need to make a few more fixes on my historical.

My F&SF is not hardly done (also in pieces in my living room), but most of the work was actually in the patterning, so I feel like I can do it. Not a lot of embellishment once it's put together, but just making the pattern has been a pain.

In between all of that, I'm attempting to lacefront a wig for my husband's hall costume (I'll be competing it at Marcon, so it's not like I'm doing all of that work and never showing it to a judge). I also have to add a small lacefront and sideburn wefts to my wig for F&SF, but the wig itself is done.

#10 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

why the post won,t hurry to deliver my wig ^^
hope i receive them in time =-= ;;;;

edit: just receive one of the 2
and yeah! just receive my kind of anime elf ears yeah!! (thanks maral for the place ^^)

#11 RaDragon76 on 9 years ago

Glad you got one of your wigs, Trixy. :) The wait can be annoying.

I'm getting my lining fabric today and that's the last thing that needs to be bought for my historical entry. I may still need to buy some more trim or fabric to be made into trim but I won't know that for sure until I start cutting and then putting trim on the pieces in question. I think this weekend will be another working weekend to get some pieces done that are almost finished and to get other pieces closer to being finished. I still have quite a bit to do although most of it is just sewing pieces together and trimming them.

#12 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

so far with today work here my progress^^

hentei costume: 75%
single patern: 80%
futur costume: 88%

doll entry: 5%

yeah going well kick me so i stop being lazyyy nya!!!

#13 Berzerker_prime on 9 years ago

Oh yeah, I'm in final-month OMG mode. I have been embroidering the sleeves for my historical entry for nearly two years and I still have a significant amount to do on them. And yet, I'm so darned sick of gold chain-stitch on brown that I've started doing everything - [i]anything[/i] - else. I'm not so much in panic mode as I am in just-want-this-thing-to-be-done mode.

And, oh yeah, I have a hall costume to work on, too. Oy vey...

#14 supergeekgirl on 9 years ago

Grrrr... FedEx is supposed to take stuff to the leasing office when we're not home, but they took my M4 for the F&SF masquerade back to the facility for Monday delivery. I was hoping Mikhail would get a chance to do the modding on it today or tomorrow.

#15 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago

So many pieces of my SF&F entry are MOSTLY finished but for a little hand-sewing. It's driving me bonkers. I want to put the rest of the costume in my luggage and concentrate on the wings, wig, and weapon. SIGH.

But at least every part of the costume is at minimum started. Or purchased, in the wig's case.

I'm so glad we got the hall costumes out of the way early, I have nothing to do except finish this costume and choreograph. OI choreography...I NEED STAGE DIMENSIONS!!

Also. Side note. The Madison Area Costuming Society is your new ICG chapter. :3