2010 Vocaloid Gathering?

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#1 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

Welcome to the Vocaloid Gathering!

Day: Friday
Location:1FCC LA

Your Host Hatsune Mikuo

Fanime Forums:
(+)-Means friends/bf/gf etc.
(AHS)-"Alice Human Sacrifice"
(DP)-"Diva Project"
(DWC)-"Dark Woods Circus"
(YMK)-"Yume miru Kotori"
(W)-"World is Mine"

Fanime Forums


-Hatsune Mikuo:error00004

-Kaito:Nighthawk,d man n+,Valdrein+(M),Foxberry+(BRS),Armored-Heart+,Foxas


-Kagamine Rin:konataFTW,d man n+,bisouspapillon+,StarAssassinKyuubi+,StarPikachu(?),hikari_midorichan+,hikari_midorichan+(DWC),WillowKitsune?(BRS),kagaminerin02

-Kagamine Len:Rikki,d man n+,bisouspapillon+,StarAssassinKyuubi+,Cosplay Cyborg(K),cafekko_nyappy(M),maitosis(?),hikari_midorichan+(DWC),WillowKitsune(BRS)

-Megurine Luka:Chibo,ayame_nguyen+(M)(?),Leslie~Leslie

-Kamui Gakupo:Valdrein(M),Death_Note_Matt,Foxas+


-Teto:d man n+



-Akita Neru:d man n+

-Black Rock Shooter Miku:Chibblz,artisticpsyco,Foxberry



Hatsune Miku:Mikka☆(C),chibikkoda+(?),immywins(W),Rexluna(W)(M),MangaFreak150(DP)

Zatsune Miku:chickenspice,Shivaness

Kaito:Tokio Amarfi+(AHS),Deadlywings(AHS),Rexluna

Meiko:Tokio Amarfi(AHS)

Rin Kagamine:Tokio Amarfi+,Shadow Wolfwind(MD),Spica(Z)(A)(?),
Len Kagamine:♪ A K I R A ♪(M),kuroikouma(S!?),chibikkoda(YMK)

Teto:Shadow Wolfwind(?)

Kiyoteru Hiyama:OniCourseMusha

Megurine Luka:Spica+,chibikkoda+(?),Celcia

^__^ Finally readable!

Also: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

#2 Tokio Amarfi on 10 years ago

Meiko Alice Human Sacrifice. I should have a AHS Kaito with me. A rin too.

#3 Deadlywings on 10 years ago

*clears throat* AHS Kaito for sure.

#4 ♪ A K I R A ♪ on 10 years ago

Mmm I'll be there was white magnet Len. I think I should have a white magnet Rin too.

#5 Shadow Wolfwind on 10 years ago

I'll be their as either Meltdown remix Rin or as Teto. It depends on how much extra time I'll have to make Teto.

#6 Mikka☆ on 10 years ago

I'll be there as Cantarella Miku w/ hopefully my Cantarella Kaito~! :]

#7 Aciano on 10 years ago

I might be there as Return to Zero Rin or Adolescence Rin, with a Megurine Luka :3

#8 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

So, I tried updating the list today and well...it's not working TT 0TT WHY COSPLAY.COM! WHY!? Well I shall try and update it tomorrow, as for the Fanime forum has been updated.

Fanime,Vocaloid Gathering:

#9 kuroikouma on 10 years ago

If I can get it done in time, I may be able to be there as Spice! Len :3 Not the school uniform, but the white oxford, slacks, and glasses. Either that, or a seeeecret Len cosplay.

#10 chibikkoda on 10 years ago

my friends and i will attend ^^
i'll be Len from Yume miru Kotori (Little dreaming bird) and my friend as either miku or luka from same series, and another friend will be Rin from Meltdown

#11 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

Glad to hear more are attending! Also I was wondering if anyone wanted to participate in the Masquerade as Vocaloids or any dances. Originally I was thinking of just hanging out as a usual gathering but I was thinking if people would be interested in playing DDR? Para Para? Idk thinking that's music/dance related. Also a lunch/dinner type thing? hahah just throwing out some ideas!

Cosplay.com for some reason isn't letting me update my first post. A bit disappointed but I've been updating the Fanime Forum if you are wanting to see it click the Link below.

#12 Celcia on 10 years ago

I'll probably be there as Electronic Mermaid Luka. :3

#13 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

UGHH!! So once again Cosplay.com isn't letting me update the first post. Again you may look at the fanime forums for the list. I will though be notifying what's going on as messages on here. :3

#14 Rexluna on 9 years ago

I'll be there as Normal, World is Mine, or Magnet Miku, with a Normal Kaito for sure and maybe a Magnet or Just be Friends Luka.

#15 immywins on 9 years ago

I'll be there as World is Mine!Miku. c:

I'll also have a World is Mine!Kaito with me, but she doesn't have a cosplay.com, so I'm posting for her. c:

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