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#16 LunaNera on 9 years ago

some more make up links:
[url]http://www.frendsbeautysupplyonline.com/[/url] (carries EVERYTHING, I love them)

#17 lemapp on 9 years ago

A new website is now rolling out production of foam muscle suits.


Brandon's work is incredibly detailed. He even included the blood vessels and nipples. They look natural under clothes, especially for superheroes. I make frequent use of my bodysuit.

#18 allizarnara on 9 years ago

Fabric-- [url]www.discounteddesignerfabrics.com[/url]
They're really efficient, I used them when I did Jeanne from Bayonetta which, in retrospect, may not have been a good costume to use upholstery leather.... Nonetheless this site was wicked nice, they sent our samples quite promptly and the prices were reasonable, we all know how expensive leather is. :D
Happy Cosplaying!

#19 ToxicFantasyVII on 9 years ago

Thank you for this so much! I have written around 10 different threads asking where to find different stuff to end up with a dead thread, but now no more searching.

I have bookmarked this so many times now!

Thanks for the help. Your a life and money AND time saver!!!

#20 missopposite on 8 years ago

Great info!! thanks so much for posting!

#21 Jewnie on 8 years ago

Bookmarked! I am looking to make foam armor and I am pretty much brand new at it, so along with this thread, if there are any other threads I should know about that can explain basics to me, can anyone direct me to them? It would be much appreciated. I am browsing on my own, I just don't know if there are any threads that anyone feels I MUST look at if I want to make good foam armor...

#22 Kazephyr on 8 years ago

[url]http://spandexworld.com/[/url] is a great source for, well... spandex. XD They have a massive selection, including endless varieties of printed spandex, vinyls and even stretch denim. :)

#23 DlGlT on 8 years ago

Thanks, added.

#24 arockalyptica on 8 years ago

Digit! Ive found another for your list =]. [url]http://www.coscraft.co.uk[/url]

They ship worldwide, and stock friendly plastic quite cheeply too, also fosshape, plastazote and eva craftfoam! Very helpful if you have a question and very quick shipping (great for us in the uk as shipping is mostly free, and great for you guys in the us as its cheap shipping for you aswell)

#25 arockalyptica on 8 years ago

also [url]http://www.efabrics.co.uk/[/url] for fabrics

(im noticing a distinct lack of uk based stores for us brits =p)

#26 DlGlT on 8 years ago

Thanks added both ^^

#27 arockalyptica on 8 years ago

Thankyou kindly ma'am =]

#28 ScribblesITM on 8 years ago

This is a site I am completely addicted to ... which is kinda sad.


They have snaps (obviously) and fake buttons and some other misc stuff. After the horrible snap stuff they have at like Joanne's I had sworn off snaps, but these ones are the only thing keeping me sane right now.

#29 arockalyptica on 8 years ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another uk based site for u digit:
best thing ever for foamboards and airbrush stuff

#30 Smores23 on 8 years ago


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