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#1 DlGlT on 9 years ago

This has been needing a new thread for a while.
Broken links have been removed, and new information added.

There are a bunch of "Where to Find ____" topics, so why not just use one?

Share your favorite material site! And this isn't ALL that the listed material sites sell, it's just what the individual cosplay.com users found most useful on the site Search around and you might find exactly what you need!

Starting off...


General Fabric

[url]http://www.efabrics.co.uk/[/url] UK BASED

[url]http://www.ichiroya.com[/url] -Mainly Kimono fabric. Also stocks vintage kimonos for pretty good prices!




Faux Fur
[URL="http://www.crscraft.com/"]CRCrafts Faux Fur[/URL] (Avoid craft fur as the quality is poor)

[url]www.Hyenaproductions.com[/url] (Silk and silk taffeta, two color taffeta. Swatches are $5 but you get a discount if you choose to purchase)


Specialty Prints
[url]http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome[/url] (custom fabric printing!)


[url]http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/[/url] (Low Sheen)


[url]http://debslaceandtrims.com/index.php?route=common/home[/url] Trims and Laces


Base Wigs
[url]http://www.amphigory.com/wigs.html[/url] (expect a 4week+ wait)

[URL="http://stores.ebay.com/COSPLAY-WIG?_rdc=1"]Cosplay Wig[/URL]
[URL="http://stores.ebay.com/Wig-Fashion?_rdc=1"]Wig Fashion[/URL]
[URL="http://stores.ebay.com/professionalonlyplus?_rdc=1"]Professional Only[/URL]

[URL="http://www.ultimatelooks.com/hairpiecelistingpages/hairbangs1.htm"]Ultimate Look Hairpieces[/URL] (Clip on bangs and such)

It is also beneficial to check local beauty supply stores and ethnic beauty stores.

[URL="http://katiebair.com/wigsupplies.html"]Katie Bair's Wig Dye and Supplies[/URL]
[url]http://amphigory.com/wig-detangler-combs.html[/url] (also carries wig heads, pins, etc)

Motions oil sheen and silicone spray lubricant can also be used to aid in untangling and keeping a wig neat.
Wide tooth combs, wig brushes, and wig spray may also be found at beauty supply stores locally.

Misc. Stuff

Sewing Patterns
[url]http://www.trulyvictorian.net/tvxcart/home.php[/url] (Specialty historic patterns)
[url]http://folkwear.com/[/url] (wonderful for historical or national garments)

Also be sure to check out the patterns at your local fabric store!

Fabric Dyes
[url]http://www.ritdye.com[/url] (Can be found in the laundry isle of food stores, walmart, target and fabric dye/paint sections at craft stores)
[url]http://www.dylon.co.uk[/url] (available at fabric stores)

Screen Printing (set, materials, and/or ink)

Hosiery, Leg wear, and bodysuits

Shapewear & specialty undergarment
[url]http://www.timeless-trends.com[/url] (corsets)
[url]http://www.underworks.com/[/url] (compression shirts/vests)

[URL="http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php3?mf=/dancewear/undergarments/page1"]Dance belt[/URL] (guys PLEASE use one if you plan to wear spandex or anything form fitting!)

[url]http://www.payless.com/store/[/url] (never underestimate the basics!)



[url]http://www.coscraft.co.uk/[/url] UK BASED; ships world-wide

Other Misc[/B]
[url]www.smooth-on.com[/url] (Casting and Molding)
[url]http://www.usplastic.com/[/url] (Some odds and ends, but great selection of plastic tubing)
[url]http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com[/url] (Buckles, hardware etc)
[url]http://www.studsandspikes.com[/url] (metal hardware)
[url]http://www.coscraft.co.uk/[/url] UK BASED; ships world-wide (Foss shape, friendly plastics, EVA foam, etc)

[url]http://www.zennioptical.com/[/url] (Costume glasses)

[url]http://flexdesigncostumes.com/[/url] (Muscle suit)

[url]http://www.vampfangs.com/[/url] (fangs)

[url]www.stagemakeuponline.com[/url] -- full inventory if Ben Nye and Mehron makeups
[url]http://www.sephora.com/[/url] -beauty makeup

If you can think of anything I missed please post and I'll be sure to update things

#2 Yui on 9 years ago

Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to make a new thread! This was one the To Do List. (We already had permission from phantomthief who had made the old one which was no longer updated.)
I'll sticky this for you right now! :heart:

[also my post here may be cleared and used for future list expansion if needed]

#3 Yui on 9 years ago

Here are a few more good links to places I have personally shopped multiple times before =

CUSTOM fabric printing! = spoonflower.com/welcome
Metal hardware = studsandspikes.com
Leather = theleatherguy.org
Styrene sheets = amethyst-angel.com/styrenesheets.html

Also, Etsy.com is fantastic - not just for commissioning custom hand-made items, but also for supplies like fabric, trim, notions, jewelry making bits, wire, sculpting stuff, etc. etc.

#4 DlGlT on 9 years ago

You're welcome Yui and thanks for the links ^^

#5 Legatosgurl on 9 years ago


This link 404'ed on me. >

#6 DlGlT on 9 years ago

Whoops, thanks Legatosgurl.

The correct site link is [url]http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/home/department/Leather/Leather.aspx[/url] which I have corrected now.

#7 City-Dreamer on 9 years ago

This is an awesome thread! -bookmarks immediately-

xD Thank you so much. :] I can tell you put a lot of work into this... much appreciated! :D -scurries off to check out the sites-

#8 Stormraven24 on 9 years ago

I wanted to add a couple more sites to this awesome list ^_^

Bodysuits: [url]www.dancewearsolutions.com[/url]

Shoes: [url]www.shoebuy.com[/url]

#9 maskedrose on 8 years ago

snaz75.com is great for shoes of all sorts... I also noticed.. no fabric.com on your list? Am I right?

#10 Quina on 8 years ago

Best. Shoe. Site. Ever.


Seriously, check them out...a lot of their styles are REALLY high heel unfortunately, but they are basically a much larger version of electrique boutique with way more shoes on sale...They've got loads of cheap shoes you can alter into other shoes, or just wear as they are :)
(by cheap, I mean their clearance runs from 2 bucks to about 25)

#11 TheScoutsMom on 8 years ago

Thanks so much!

#12 Fufynovae on 8 years ago

Do you know that I love you? .w. thankyou so much for the links,they were more than useful!

#13 lynchingacers on 8 years ago

i think we should add metal and such to the list as people neeed it to makes frames wings and other small random parts heres my favorites also carry some plastics


other misc stuff like metal mesh, small nuts bolts, scalpels, magnets ,plastics, resins,rivets, tools if was ever needed industrial wise its here


also found a good place for heavy CANvas if youre costume bags and such require it


this has got to be stickied

#14 DetentionMisfit on 8 years ago

Another good site for custom fabrics and good prints: equilter.com

#15 RoseHanabira on 8 years ago

[url]http://www.denverfabrics.com/pages/s...dex-fabric.htm[/url] 404'ed for me. [url]www.denverfabrics.com[/url] is there, but I'm not sure where the spandex/lycra section of the site is (this URL was under Spandex/Lycra).

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