Awkward Hair Piece

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#1 Gnosis on 7 years ago

I'm going to be cosplaying Yuuko from xxxHolic, and I'm having one hell of a time trying to figure out how to do those "coral" hair pieces.

Here's a reference: [url][/url]

I've tried making them with paper clay reinforced with wire, but they just feel so flimsy to me. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to reinforce paperclay? Should I try a different material like Wonderflex?

#2 AGarmentOfWings on 7 years ago

If the clay is already dry, I'm not sure that you can do much to reinforce that particular piece. Even if you use thicker, stiffer wire next time, that won't make the clay itself less brittle.

What are you using to make her coral necklace?

If you're worried about the paperclay snapping, shattering, or chipping off of the wires, maybe you could try something more flexible.

I've never worked with wonderflex; so, I don't know if that would work for what you have in mind.

But, here are some examples of materials that might work:
Lovely, intricate headdress made from wire, fun foam, and puffy fabric paint:
.... Something like this would be lightweight, but to make round coral out of flat sheets of foam, you'd have to build up increasingly smaller layers of foam to achieve a round shape...might be kind of annoying.

You could also try foil over wire (not a headdress, but has intricate, sticky-out bits):
...maybe with a coating of paper mache/paper clay/polymer clay/something to smooth out the bumps and dips and get a more coral-like effect. (might be kind of heavy, though)

You could also wrap yarn or string around a wire framework (and then coat with layers of something else to smooth and achieve the right color).

Hopefully someone with more experience in props/elaborate headdresses can give you a better answer. ^_^;