Rose Tyler:Empty child/tooth and claw

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#16 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

Haha! Yup. Go for it. I'm done bidding. I was hoping to get it cheap. I have two other items I'm more interested in. ;)

#17 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

LOL..leave it to dr who cosplayers to pounce on the same one XD
Thanks for letting me take it though XD

#18 ~Sango~ on 7 years ago

Seller doesn't ship to US tho...I was thinking of bidding on that one but I don't know how you'd get it here lol.

#19 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

well, it let me bid on it. so it must ship to the US. with the others it told me directly that they didnt allow US buyers. O_O

edit: *checks....flips table* NOOOOOO

well I emailed her, telling her I was sorry for bidding on it without seeing the UK only. but I also asked if she would be able to send it to me anyways if I won it, and just charge me extra, I also said i would stop bidding on it though

#20 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

Well, crap... There goes three potential bidders on that jacket. D:

It sucks that you may not be able to get the jacket.

I also assumed that since it let me bid it meant that she would ship internationally. She needs to change her buyer requirements. It's a shame though. I've asked sellers if they would ship to the US, and because they said no, they sold their stuff at really low prices. And, I just sit there and think, "You could have made so much money off of me."

#21 ~Sango~ on 7 years ago

Yeah, I've lost a LOT of items that way. It sucks! we need some sort of Rose Cosplayers UK to US shipping union lol.

#22 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

well..she wont ship it to me for an extra cost ~_~ oh well..I hope i can find another one.
I also hope someone outbids me because its going to be a hassle if im the winning bidder.
......I agree in the Rose cosplayers UK to US union XD

edit: I might have just fixed the coat situation. a friend of mine is friends with a guy in England! hopefully he gets online soon so she can ask him if he will accept having the package sent to him then ill pay him shipping to send it to me X3