Rose Tyler:Empty child/tooth and claw

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#1 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

I'm a noobie to doctor who...not so new though..I've just finished the second season (and cried like a baby at the end of it and the first season)
Ive decided on two outfits of Rose to cosplay. The Empty Child outfit and Tooth and claw outfit.
I cant find much for the empty child references
what kind of shirt is she wearing exactly. I see many people with a full union jack shirt with the flag on the front and sleeves...also her jacket is rather hard to find good pictures of to see what i even need to start looking for.
the main problem is in her hair styles.
the empty child has her with long hair/ slightly wavey or crimped? and her bangs pulled up. but in tooth and claw she has much shorter straight hair.
can her shorter hair be styled into the longer style with out changing the look?

any help with references or ideas would be wonderful..thanks!

#2 JackHarkness on 7 years ago

I can't help with the brands, etc, but the best place I've found for screen caps if you don't own the DVDs or don't want to stream from Netflix is:


Hope this helps!

#3 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

that helps a ton! thank you so much!

now...what should i do about her hair styles? since I see it being kind of pointless for me, a already blond woman wearing a wig to cosplay another blond woman. how should i deal with the differences of lengths in each outfit?

#4 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

Oooh. Two of my favorites.

Empty Child:
-The Union Jack shirt is a short-sleeved t-shirt with the design covering all of it. It can be seen in the beginning of the episode while they're still in the TARDIS.
-The jacket brand and style is Firetrap Harrie in brown. If you want pictures, I can send you some.

Tooth and Claw:
-The denim dress is Topshop Moto.
-The shirt is a pinkish t-shirt with the crown piece sewn on.

The hair. Just do the best you can. No one is going to rag on you for having the wrong length. And, if they do, that's a bit ridiculous. Just ignore them. There's not much more you can do about it unless you want to buy two different wigs.

Good luck.

#5 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

hmmm...the jacket is rather hard to find i see >_>
the jean dress is equally difficult but I can make it easier than the jacket. The shirt will be no problem also
thanks for giving me the brands! only I could find that darn jacket!

as for my hair. I've decided to get it cut to the longer length, sadly even then I'll have to cut 8 inches off my precious hair D8 since the tooth and claw style is wavey I figured when styling it in longer hair it will look shorter than what it is.

#6 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

ok...I have no clue where to find her jacket for empty child. can someone please help me D8 I dont even know what to search for to find something similar. Ebay searches for firetrap harrie comes up with nothing! and google search comes up with dvds of something weird but no clothing ~_~ im at a loss..and I cant even find a pattern to sew it myself.

sorry for not editing my last post >_>

#7 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

What size jacket and dress are you?

#8 KuroBara on 7 years ago

Set up ebay alerts for "firetrap jacket". Search UK's ebay! I watched for about 2 weeks before finding one in aubergine (so not quite the right brown, but good enough for me) and my size. Be warned- it's really short, so if you have a long torso it will fit a little oddly. If that doesn't work out, just keep an eye out for a short hooded jacket. Union jack tees can be found on ebay and amazon.

The Doctor Who Costuming communities on LJ are great for information: [URL=""][/URL]

#9 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

That is a good point. Have you been searching Ebay UK? I just found 5 Harrie jackets. Two white ones, two brown (one of which I'm bidding on), and one burgundy.

Also, there's someone selling their size UK 14 Tooth and Claw dress on LJ. [url][/url]

#10 ~Sango~ on 7 years ago

(jumps on rose bandwagon) Ohh, are any of those size small? I have found tons of Harrie jacket's but rarely in small in black or brown :( The only smalls I've seen are white and burgundy -sigh-

#11 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

I have a union jacket shirt and i have shoes now too..but the jacket is still hard to get.
Thank you so much for telling me to search the UK ebay..SOOO many firetrap jackets. sadly none in the right color. I found a white one that just taunted me " not the right color!"..and so on.
The overall proving more difficult. I've only come across the one person selling it on livejournal in a UK size 14..i think it would end up being about 2 sizes to big for me ;_;

For a jacket not sure. how to size jackets....other than saying just medium.
The dress size should be 10......I least from what i gather from UK to US dress conversions ~_~

Edit: OH!!! DANGIT!!! I found her dress, in my size..perfect!...they dont ship to the US...found another that was good....dont ship to the US...~_~

#12 ~Sango~ on 7 years ago

Did you message and ask personally? A lot of the time sellers will accommodate if you ask them even if it's not on the auction listing.

#13 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

I emailed her, I hope she replies to my before the time runs out on it :/
on another note. I came across two firetrap harrie jackets today and was able to bit on one in size 10 and have another in large on my watch list. what luck!

#14 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Creative Genius;4304268]I emailed her, I hope she replies to my before the time runs out on it :/
on another note. I came across two firetrap harrie jackets today and was able to bit on one in size 10 and have another in large on my watch list. what luck![/QUOTE]

We're bidding on the same one, aren't we? <.

#15 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

this one? XD

[url][/url] >_>