Dosu Kinuta's Sound Amplifier Tutorial

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#1 Frozen Zabuza on 14 years ago

#2 mizuhaki on 14 years ago

Wow, good job! :D Nicely explained and nothing expensive needed. This should definitly be added to the tutorial list thread.
Kudos <3

#3 Frozen Zabuza on 14 years ago

Thanks much for recommending me for the tutorials listings.

I did however forget to do the clamps on the side and the crack marks
These can be simply drawn on with a permanent marker or painted on.

I have drwan the clamps on and am no deciding if I want to do the cracks or not, What do you think?

#4 Kurai-Kun on 14 years ago

And is that you as Zabuza?
Looks great!

Wait, back to to the sound weapon. Yes, it looks awsome. and those clips. Meh just draw them on it, or glue something on it that looks like clips.

#5 Frozen Zabuza on 14 years ago

Yeah thats my first costume I did for Anime Detour, thanks for the shout out

But yeah that putting clips on is a great idea and could be done with with the excess from that was cut off. I chose to draw it one, as you can see here


other wise something as simple as adding a piece of paitned cardboard, could be adheared onto it to give it texture.
Thanks for the idea if I get time before Ai-kon I may just do that.

#6 Bri-sama on 12 years ago

Oh...but it almost seems to ruin it if you just draw it on...If it 'twas me, Id probably emboss the fissure into the plastic and then use a thicker craft foam to represent the clasps. (Probably 3mm or something.)


#7 TekoMuto on 12 years ago

very cool :D

#8 I LURV on 11 years ago

This might sound weird but I have a VERY hard time finding a 'water' jug with similar shape to Dosu's melody arm in a store that is big enough or without a stupid handle that needs to be saw'd off.