DW7 DLC Costumes

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#1 Melanie on 7 years ago

So, what do you all think of them? And is anyone planning to cosplay any of them?

#2 moonlit-sky on 7 years ago

The first school uniform DLC was pretty eye catching, after that KOEI went berserk with the designs, in a bad way.

I'm planning Sima Yi's DLC outfit (Michael Jackson WOO!) after finishing his default DW7 outfit.

#3 sooyong on 7 years ago

I think Wang Yi's Fantasy outfit in DW7XL is gorgeous. Not sure if I want to put it on my to-do list, though.

#4 Irarenovo on 7 years ago

I want to wear all of yuanji's costumes.

ok. minus the arabian thing- thats wierd.

I wish I had seen the black & purple version of her costume before starting mine......!!!!! so pretty

#5 Eat More Rice on 6 years ago

//Casually inserts self into dead thread//
Thinking about cosplaying Red Riding Hood Xiao Qiao.

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