SyFy channel is filming at megacon for a show based on cosplay?!

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#1 JFBount on 7 years ago

SO!!! Not the raise the bar or anything guys but Megacon just posted on their official Facebook page that the SyFy channel is going to be in attendance filming for a new reality type show focusing on the world of cosplay called "Cos World". I can't put up the link since I'm currently making this thread on my android but rest assured ill post the information as soon as I can. You can look into the details on Megacon's Facebook page.

So how does everyone feel now that they have a chance to be spotted on national television ? ... I think we can agree the term "No pressure" is a serious understatement for some haha :)

With that said megacon is days away and I can't wait to see everyone there ^_^

Here's the link to Megacon's Facebook page! [URL=""]click here![/URL]

#2 Future Hokage on 7 years ago

Yea i found that out when i was inline for the universal contest. I can't wait to see it.

#3 Boreotheria on 7 years ago

Apologies for the thread necro. I am a little leery of shows that want to do that at cons, when it's a show that's just making its first season and nobody's seen it yet.

A few years ago when I was on concom for a local convention, we got a letter from a production company that wanted to do a show celebrating science fiction fandom and shoot some footage and do interviews at a convention. Cool, we thought, but then it turned out that some other cons had been accidentally sent the wrong promo letter by the production company. The other promo letter was the one meant for advertisers, not show subjects, and it described how the show was going to be about mocking the worst of fandom.

Whoops! :D Thanks for shooting yourself in the foot and saving someone else the trouble, guys. I'm not sure that show ever got off the ground, after their own mistake showed their true colours to fandom and word got around.

They weren't the only group that had tried to shoot footage for mocking type shows at our events, either. There was another bunch that we had to chase out of the event a couple of years in a row.

I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but I think it's equally if not more likely that these shows are going to go for the making-fun-of-nerds angle (yes, even if it's for SyFy, which seems notoriously clueless about its audience these days) rather than something more fun and inclusive. You can't tell from the questions they ask you on camera, because they may just want to use a clip where you say something out of context or, at worst, interview people whose costumes or bodies they consider to be mockworthy.

So just from prior experience, if I were approached by someone wanting to interview me on camera at a convention, I'd say no, because you never know what it is they're really going to do with the footage.