Any DAO/2 lovers

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#1 TheDragonPrince on 7 years ago

Wondering if anyone else played DA:O or DA:2.

#2 The Hag on 7 years ago

Yes. Loved DAO. Liked DA2 a lot. My only complaints with DA2 were the cut and paste environments and that, rather than make battles hard by using different levels and enemy types, most of them just threw wave after wave of enemies at you. Still - I loved the snark dialog options, thought that the story was more interesting than DAO and appreciated that, unlike certain ALISTAIRS in DAO, characters I didn't want to romance did not sexually harass me. I'm hoping they combine the best of the two games for DA3.

#3 Michi on 7 years ago


Were you going somewhere with this, TheDragonPrince, or just curious?

#4 TheFontBandit on 7 years ago

Yep... there's a DA2 costume thread here on Coscom, too:

Like The Hag mentioned, I have things I really enjoyed about both games, and things I did not particularly like about both games. But I still thoroughly enjoyed them, and snagged the PC version of DA:O when it was on sale at Steam last week so I can toy around with mods. (I played on XBox originally).

I'm also hoping that they combine the best of the two games into DA3. *crosses fingers*