Many Hellos from Missouri

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#1 Nishnabek on 5 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]Hey everyone! My name is Taj. I was really interested in cosplay three years ago and now I've come back to give it another shot.

I live in the Midwest so I go to cons like Animestl, Kawa Kon, and Natsu con. There are more, but I can't afford to attend them all. v__v

A little about myself: I'm really big into character design. I am currently pursuing a Japanese language major/ ESL and I'm thinking about pursing some kind of art too. Gahhh college is confusing haha. I also want to dabble in computer programming. I have no sewing skills whatsoever sadly.

I want to cosplay Pink X from Teen Titans Go and Saya from Blood +. These are my goals before Animestl in April. Think I can do it? @[email protected]

It's nice to meet you all!

#2 Kumoshi on 5 years ago

Welcome to! How's Japanese been in college? I'm thinking about taking some classes once I get to college o:
And yes, you can make it in time. Believe in me who believes in you xD

#3 Nishnabek on 5 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]So far it's been easy, but it was Japanese for beginners. Sadly,I won't have another class until next year :( It's definitely worth it though! I like my professor. He shows us a lot of newspapers and magazines from Japan. Are you thinking about majoring in Japanese too?

Thank you! D,: I'm so nervous. I want everything to look nice haha. I'm kind of a perfectionist. [/FONT]

#4 pinoycosplay on 5 years ago

Welcome to missouri. I know it might be a little far if you are in st lious, but try to get to nakakon in overland park, ks next month.

#5 CautiousAmber on 5 years ago

I second the Naka Kon suggestion! It's going to be a great time and there should be a pretty big turnout! So exciting to hear of more Missouri cosplayers!

#6 Kumoshi on 5 years ago

Aww, I see. Glad to hear you had a good professor ^-^ I probably won't major in it, but maybe a minor would be nice (:

Don't worry too much about it, I'm sure it'll turn out great (:

#7 Nishnabek on 5 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]I've been hearing about Naka Kon quite a bit since I attended Kawa kon. The only difficult thing is my parents are still a little over protective v__v Maybe I'll be able to attend next year when I move into my dorms.

I'm excited to hear from cosplayers in Missouri! I usually only meet them at cons haha.[/FONT]

#8 CautiousAmber on 5 years ago

Aw yeah, Naka Kon is a bit far from St. Louis. But keep it in mind for the future! It's a great time. How was Kawa Kon??? Have any plans to attend Anime STL?

#9 Nishnabek on 5 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]I will! Maybe I can gather up some friends and have a mini road trip. Kawa kon wasn't bad. I didn't like the hotel choice. The Hyatt is expensive, but it's a nice hotel. It was a fun con and the panels were interesting. I will definitely be at Anime STL. How about you?[/FONT]

#10 Shana05 on 5 years ago

Welcome. I'm from Kansas City but I live on the Kansas side. I will be at Natsu this year.

#11 Nishnabek on 5 years ago

[FONT="Century Gothic"]Nice to meet you! I will be at Natsu also :) [/FONT]

#12 CautiousAmber on 5 years ago

I'm totally going to be at Anime STL. Hoping to have my Fem!Castiel done in time for that. ^^