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#16 elfinder on 17 years ago

I just realized something. I planned to paint the skirt and then pleate it. But won't the iron melt the paint when I go to iron the pleates O_O I sure hope not!

#17 Koumori on 17 years ago

I don't see anything wrong with buying an obi, or any other part of your costume, and working with it to be what you want. I don't like the implication that working with purchased pieces somehow negates your creativity.

Yuna's obi seems to me to be a variation on the "sparrow" bow - unfortunately I have yet to find any instructions in English for tying this thing that don't rely on an assortment of clips and pillows. For that reason I would suggest making it in two pieces, stitching the bow together so that it won't fall apart on you while you're wearing it.

Heat shouldn't melt plain fabric paint. What kind are you using?

#18 Mizuho on 17 years ago

I imagine that it's different depending on what kind of fabric paint you use, so read the tiny print on the back of the paint you use. It will probably say on there.

#19 elfinder on 17 years ago

well for the paint, either fabric paint or 3d t-shirt paint and yeah I realized that it should be alright lol. Just had a flash of worry for a sec lol

#20 Arisa on 17 years ago

I noticed when I went to Epcot last year that they sell obi that could easily pass for Yuna's.... if you ever have a chance to go, you should check it out.

#21 Yuna on 17 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuthrnBelleChan [/i]
[B]Yuna, perhaps it's jsut me but i was slightly offended at what seemed like you were insinuating we had no creativity. Us finding it was a simple matter of we were in epcot and she wanted an Obi for her kimono. Later when we were doing Yuna and Rikku we both hadn't sewed an incredible amount, and the Obi was just there, and we both were low on money.

I only suggest importing is you intend on wearing this costume ALOT or you find an Obi just beyond you, or you are an unexperianced cosplayer. Yes making your own will be more satisfactory in a way I guess. But I bought peices for my other costumes, and i don't feel any less fulfilled. Because you may buy it. But how you alter it completely changes the feeling in my opinion. Because , for example, it oculd be "just a yellow Obi" but with some hard work you can make it "YOUR Yuna Obi" and it doesn't make you feel like any less of a cosplayer because you bought a peice.

Sorry if I went off needlessly. But ask, and most people on ehre at one time or another have bought peices for their costumes. It's jsut a fact of what you have skill, money, or time for. It's a personal preference and no one should feel degraded for buying a peice for a costume. [/B][/QUOTE]

That was just my opinion, SuthrnBelleChan. You didn't have to agree.

And I don't find anything wrong with modifying other clothing to get it to look like the desired costume, it's just Yuna's obi is such an important part of her costume and I believe it is the obi that sets all Yuna cosplayers apart.

#22 Miaka No Baka on 17 years ago

I made a yuna costume so I'll share what I did ^_^; hopefully it helps. For the obi, I too didn't want to have to tie it every time I wore it so what I did was this: Bought some satin (it's the only shiny part of my costume which I thought would look good) I then cut a belt that fit me sewed it up cept for a little part so I could turn it right side out, and I also attached the pink little band thingie at the top too. I then sewed some hooks and eyes to keep it closed. You can use velcro if you want but sometimes I've had velcro come apart at some of the worst times lol. But then I made 2 bow shapes. How I did the bow shapes was to take 2 rectangles of fabric. I sewed them up around cept for a little part so I could turn it right side out. I then folded the ends to meet in the middle and scrunched down the center and voila a bow shape. I made one a little smaller than the other one cuz of how her obi looks. I then cut a skinny rectangle of fabric sewed it up and turned it right side out and this was to become the flappy thingie that covers the bow. I then painted my designs on using fabric paints (tulip brand in the slicks type of paint) and used leaf beads and flower beads for accent. I used the fabric paint as the "glue" to hold the beads on and u only really see the fabric paint in the vine connecting everything. I also painted on the blue and white wheel design too. I then sewed the little bow to the bigger one and then I sewed the covering strap thingie to the back bow and sewed both ends of that to the obi. I then put hooks and eyes at the corners on the back bow (back bow means the one that's closer to my back) so that way it'd hold the bow up more and give it some perk. I also used a thin quilt batting inbetween the layers of fabric to give it a pillowy appearance.

as for the skirt. I recommend u do the designs last. Not only do the designs match up when the skirt is pleated, but they match up when the pleats spread (as you can see in the summoning sequence) plus if you do some methods of incorporating the vine design it might limit you to ironing. Also if you do the design before you pleat it, the designs might not match up how you'll want it. I used flower beads and used the tulip slick green paint for the vines and leaves (because the leaf designs are different than on the obi) I'm really picky when it comes to details and I counted the 1/6 scale figure and she's got 30 flowers if I'm not mistaken. ^_^; So yeah I put 30 on my skirt lol. I've posted pictures of my obi and skirt so it can help you with ideas on how you can do it yourself. ^_^







ok that's all the pictures lol ^_^;

Miaka no Baka

#23 elfinder on 17 years ago

Oooh thanks for the tips.

Just about painting the floral design after. Um wouldn't it be rather difficult. Since with all of the pleats and stuff. Like you'd need it to be flat when you paint it, but it really can't be flat with the pleates in it.....

#24 Miaka No Baka on 17 years ago

well you just lay out the skirt and work a little at a time. The thing about fabric paint like that is it doesn't run, so what I did was lay it flat and then I did the design with all the pleats folded flat first. Then once that dried I then opened it up and added in the vines on the underside of the pleat to connect both designs. ^_^; It can work.

Miaka no Baka

#25 elfinder on 17 years ago

Say, what should I use for the blue parts that are on the robe ties in the front, the ones that come out of the flower. They kinda look like long tubed shapped beads. Not sure what to make those out of!

Miaka no Baka: You're going to Sakura Con 2003 right? So I am!

#26 SuthrnBelleChan on 17 years ago

You could probably take two blue candles that's shaped that way with a long wick. Then cover then with like soem blue acrylic paint to make sure they don't chip

#27 Miaka No Baka on 17 years ago

elfinder: why yes i am ^_^ I'll see u there too. I'll be bringing my yuna costume (hopefully I'll get to see my new yuna staff soon) I'm getting it remade (I wasnt fully happy with the one I made due to it can't collapse if need be) by a friend I have who can do wood working. He's going to make it so it collapses in 3 parts: the top, the blue part of the stick, and the red part. that way I can easily take it to cons and not be too worried over it breaking due to its length. ^_^

I made those beads by taking some sculpty (any color will do since you're going to be painting, but go with blue if you wish) I worked it until it was easier to work with, then I took a cookie sheet and rolled it out nice and thin. I then used a wooden chopstick like the kind you throw away and get from most asian fast food restaurants. I placed the chopstick in the middle and rolled it til just the edges met. I kinda rolled the clay out then cut a rectangle shape out I then smoothed the seam and made sure it joined well. I then baked it following the directions then the second it came out of the oven I stuck it in the freezer (I hear it helps make it stronger and less prone to breaking) once they were completely cold I then painted using a gloss enamel paint. You can get that from walmart down the craft aisle. It's labeled GLOSS in big letters on it. ^_^ I then used epoxy resin and glued the top end of the rope in it then I glued tassles (also boughten from walmart) on the other end and voila ^_^ I'm happy with the way they look but yes I too am wondering how other ppl did theirs too. I've seen some cosplayers who's long blue beads look absolutely perfect and I wonder if they bought them that way. ^_^;

Miaka no Baka

#28 elfinder on 17 years ago

Say I'm curious, what colours did you all paint for the skirt. I've seen various different ways

All White
White with pink flowers
Green with pink our purple flowers
Blue with pink flowers

I think I might do light blue vines, with pinkish purple light flowers, like the figure has

#29 Koumori on 17 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by elfinder [/i]
I think I might do light blue vines, with pinkish purple light flowers, like the figure has [/B][/QUOTE]

That's what I'm going with - silvery-blue for the vines, and pink flowers.

#30 Miaka No Baka on 17 years ago

I did green and the flowers were beads those 2 part flower beads like you see on the obi pictures. They were clear maroon, cloudy maroon, clear blue, cloudy blue, white and there were some more purpley than others. I mixed and matched the beads so if I used a clear maroon large flower piece I added on a cloudy smaller piece. ^_^; I used a green for the vines. like your basic typical green crayon color ^_^;

Miaka no Baka