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#1 elfinder on 17 years ago


I dunno why but I am getting the urge to do a FFX Yuna costume lol! I think I could pull everything off okay. Just one thing I am kinda unsure about.

The Obi, mainly the whole obi bow thing in the back.

Since Yuna's been done a lot I thought I'd see what other Yuna cosplayers have done.

So any tips, hints, advice, instructions on making the Obi would be awesome! Also not sure how it would be connect, I mean, should i all be one piece? Or should it have a zipper or buttons to hold it together etc hehe

Also with the skirt, with painting it and the pleated. Did you paint the flower design before or after it's pleated? Cause if it's after, the pleates could kinda make the painting akward.

#2 Koumori on 17 years ago

I'm doing all the embroidery on the skirt and then pleating.

#3 elfinder on 17 years ago

Applique, I just know about the lace applique you can buy and stuff. What is the applique you are reffering too and um where can you get it? Like would fabric stores have it?

I dunno if I want to attempt to paint the skirt after it's pleated, that could be really hard to do...

#4 RainbowSheltie on 17 years ago

Oh, and about the Obi. Go to a JoAnns or a place with patterns, and look at the asian syle dresses. They'll show that their are Kimonos and an obi pattern. Just double the length of the Obi, and look online or at a guide on how to tie the obi. Then, all you have to do is make the bow, and attach it. It sounds hard, but the obi is really simple to tie and make.

#5 SuthrnBelleChan on 17 years ago

For an Obi, i remember my friend and I were in Epcot at Japan, and She got her Yuna Obi in a store there. So if you can find like a japanese import store or an online store that sells Obi's I would reocmmend getting those becasue they'll last a lot longer and the quality is amazing for how cheap they are

#6 RainbowSheltie on 17 years ago

Yeah, but most Obi's are really expensive, expically the S & H charges for imports. So, when you make one, you can style it how you want and paint on it, instead of buying a nice, new one and painting on it, then its ruined.

#7 elfinder on 17 years ago

I've seen sites that show you hot to fold obi's and it looks VERY VERY hard! I mean ack sooo many steps! Also Yuna's seems to have two parts.

I kinda wanted to have the obi already done, like sewed that way. So I don't have to fold it everytime...... just if it's sewn and not folded I dunno how I'd get it on and off lol

#8 SuthrnBelleChan on 17 years ago

Yeha, Obi's don't usually tend to be expensive if you know where to get them from. and if you really wanna go all out for Yuna then buy an Obi. For AshleyV Yuna became her logo costume, and she doens't think the obi's ruined because she painted on it. It looks very beautiful. To see her Obi check out my photo gallery of me and rikku becuase she's with me on it

#9 Bell-chan on 17 years ago

elfinder- I've seen people use velcro. If it's strong enough, I think it'd hold. I, personally, am going to use it too (because I'm lazy and do not want to spend the time tying the obi...), but in an inconspicuous place. Yep.

#10 elfinder on 17 years ago

yeah, I think if I use velcro, I'll have the connecting velcro place close to the bows, so it hides them!

Thanks for the info! I really think I can do this costume now! WOOO!

The awesome thing about Yuna is she's been done a lot so a lot of people have great info, tips etc about making the costume!

Oh another thing I am trying to figure out is....

The tie on her pink flower, the tie is white and then is like blue. I dunno what I should use for the blue part.....

#11 Yuna on 17 years ago

Wow... I think the whole importing the obi defeats the purpose of cosplaying. Does no one cosplay anymore as an exstention of their own creativity?

I would not suggest importing an obi. I would brainstorm and experiment with different ways of doing it. You'll be far more satisfied with the results that way because not only did you pull it off, but it created it yourself. That's a really good feeling.

#12 SuthrnBelleChan on 17 years ago

Yuna, perhaps it's jsut me but i was slightly offended at what seemed like you were insinuating we had no creativity. Us finding it was a simple matter of we were in epcot and she wanted an Obi for her kimono. Later when we were doing Yuna and Rikku we both hadn't sewed an incredible amount, and the Obi was just there, and we both were low on money.

I only suggest importing is you intend on wearing this costume ALOT or you find an Obi just beyond you, or you are an unexperianced cosplayer. Yes making your own will be more satisfactory in a way I guess. But I bought peices for my other costumes, and i don't feel any less fulfilled. Because you may buy it. But how you alter it completely changes the feeling in my opinion. Because , for example, it oculd be "just a yellow Obi" but with some hard work you can make it "YOUR Yuna Obi" and it doesn't make you feel like any less of a cosplayer because you bought a peice.

Sorry if I went off needlessly. But ask, and most people on ehre at one time or another have bought peices for their costumes. It's jsut a fact of what you have skill, money, or time for. It's a personal preference and no one should feel degraded for buying a peice for a costume.

#13 elfinder on 17 years ago

Oooh thankies! Did that work rather well? I'll do that for the circle wheel on the obi ^^ I might do that on the shirt, dunno hehe.

#14 SuthrnBelleChan on 17 years ago

Quick idea for the skirt becase it drove us mad. Paint BEFORE you pleat! lol and for the pink leaf looking things use a home made sponge/stamp. It'll give a mroe uniformic shape and i think you'll be happy with the way it comes out

#15 Mizuho on 17 years ago

I do agree that making ALL of your own costume is a great feeling, but hey, if I can find the perfect skirt or obi exactly like the one I need, I would go for that instead of spending the extra time trying to make one of my own.

But then again, I cosplay mostly to dress up and have fun at Cons-- I don't practice cosplaying as an art form, which is what a lot of people do (which is definitely admirable). I don't really think someone is more or less creative if they choose to use an already-existing item in their costume. I know a lot of times, it saves me a loooot of time and money, both of which I sometimes don't have a lot of. ^__^;