Making boots from scratch(almost) tutorial

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#16 blackouts suck on 14 years ago

thanks so much! this will help soooo much on organization 13 boots from kh2. the only probleb now is to convince my sister to give me her sandles

#17 trixyloupwolf on 14 years ago

help me a bit please ^^;;; this tutorial is good very good

but only probleme for me its theyr are not stait boots ^^;;

here a reference picture of my boots that i neeed^^;;;

[IMG] cosplay costumes/1326.jpg[/IMG]

if ya can give me tips i would apreciate a lot ^o^
tanks in advance

#18 TenshiBu on 13 years ago

Thanks for this!!! Now I can finish my Uruki costume withought having to ruin other boots. :D

#19 VonDan on 13 years ago

#20 calen383 on 13 years ago

I love this. Question, though. Where do you get liquid plastic resin? Is it expensive?

#21 PockyFairy on 13 years ago

Okay I might have read over someone already asking this, but i was wondering, when you use the term 'sew', did you do it by hand? I'm assuming that's the only possible way, but I mean mind isn't comprehending how to sew something like that. I'm sorry! I'm really do you go about your sewing technique for this?

#22 kabuki_KILLER on 13 years ago

The shoes that I want to make into boots have laces on them. Do you think it would be safe to just remove those (and possibly the tongue on the shoes)? I tried using temporary covers that I employed a similar method + velcro and gorilla glue and it kept coming off when I was wearing them.

I want some longer lasting boots. Despite the flimsy holding, the ones that I made with yours and Sarcasm-hime's help did look pretty sweet, even if worn out of cosplay. Hoping to be able to make them more permanent. Hehe.

#23 Sintakz on 12 years ago

I know this is kinda an old thread but do you think this could be applied to rollerblades? I am going for a look like this [url][/url]

#24 Pulsatrix on 12 years ago

Another thread revival XD

What is the best place to buy shoe tacks/where can I find them?

#25 ShiNo_Usagi on 12 years ago

I've been looking for a good boot (cover) tutorial for a while! This will be a big help when I need to make a pair of crazy shoes.
I just want to know 2 things, what did you use for tacks? and how did you attach the covers to the sole of the shoe? I didn't quite understand... did you sew them down somehow or tack them down?

#26 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 12 years ago

I’ve never used shoe tacks before but what I use is Shoe GOO, it’s a shoe glue that work really well. There are other brands out there and the all work the some.

We talk about this here a bit as well

#27 Mariks_Dragon on 12 years ago

[url] -Angels y Deus-.htm&h=376&w=208&sz=15&hl=en&start=5&tbnid=CAhYezmf3G20gM:&tbnh=122&tbnw=67&prev=/images?q=+angelic+layer+angels&gbv=2&hl=en[/url] will that toto work for her boots as well the white angel blanche

#28 PsychoRooster on 12 years ago

oh my god, I still don't understand. ;3; I read it and I can't seem to get it in my head how its supposed to work. ;3;
I'm trying to make Arc's shoes from FFIII, the DS version.

#29 kawaii_otaku on 12 years ago

Thank you for this! (seriously)

I found it through the tutorials list and I will [i]definitely[/i] be referring to it when I work on my own boots this summer!

Thank you!

#30 Dumbledork on 11 years ago

Oh you absoloute GENIUS. I was going ot ask for something like this so I can turn my poor abandoned converse into comfy Harley Quinn shoes. Thank you!