Making boots from scratch(almost) tutorial

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#1 Sashi on 14 years ago

This is a tutorial on how I made my boots for my PSE 12 costume(Range Murata) which could also work for other chunky soled type boots.


The soles I used were from a cheap pair of platform sandals that I bought from a charity shop(so at least I was supporting a good cause at the same time :) )

I just cut off the straps to leave me with just the sole.They were originally black whick I painted white with acrylics(I first used spraypaint but it tends to crack quickly.Would probably also be a good idea to sand the rubber first so it has a better grit to it for the paint to stick).
For extracomfort I just stuck on those spongey sole things that are usually soled in most stores(those types you slip into your shoe).

Next thing I did was take some scrap fabric and made a pattern of what my final boot will look like,I used Sarcasm Hime's tutorial for making boot covers([url][/url]) but just altered it a bit for my boots.
I used boots I already had as a base for my mockup and did the pinning according but cut the toes off and added extra space in the front of the boots.The reason I did this was because the soles are high heeled but I wanted my boots to be "flat" heeled.


Once that was done I took the patterns,traced them onto some fabric that I had lying around(doesn't matter what it looks like since it's going inside the boot) and ironed a firm interfacing onto all 4 pieces(2 for each boot).There's a definate right and left side so just be careful which pieces you sew together :D (keep the toes seperate from the rest of the boot)
(As a note,I had to sew darts into the toe areas and the side of the boot areas so they'd have the right shape).

Once that's all sewn up take the toe areas and pin them onto onto the soles first.At the moment they're still kinda floppy but here's the TRICK!
While pinned I stuffed them with plastic bags and then painted plastic resin (F18) straight onto the fabric to make it hard and keep it's shape.Gotta brush it on fairly quickly since the plastic cures quickly.Pull out the plasic and voila you have solid toe tips which will help form the rest of your boot.Hammer a few tacs in to keep it in place(but not too many since the cover still needs to be tacced down).

For the rest of the boot I used the same patterns and cut them out of vinyl which I ironed batting to to make it "thicker"(pleather would probably have been sturdier but I didn't know this at the time :P ).Sew the fabric with the interfacing to the vinyl making sure the facing will eventually be on the inside.What's nice about working about vinyl/pleather is that it doesn't frey which made the rest of it a bit easy.

Test to make sure the covers are going to fit
Tip:Mark left and right sides clearly since it's easy to get confused which is which side,this will jsut make your life a little easier.

Before sewing the long boot areas/tubes to the toes pin everything to the sole first to get the right fit and mark off on the toe tips where they join and sew there.
It's a tricky area to sew,I used a zigzag stitch but landed up sewing parts of it by hand.

After that pin everything to the sole and tac down.I added most of the details afterwards since I wanted the tacs to be covered.The white pieces are cut out of white pleather and just glued on.The orange strip that goes all round the sole area is hose pipe sliced down the middle filled with silicone and covered with pleather then painted with acrylic which was then glued on using super glue.The cones were sculpted,molded then cast in plastic,painted and glued on.

And there you have it!! :D

I hope this helps,it was my first time making boots(never even made boot covers before) so I'm sure there're better ways of doing things but this worked for me.

#2 procrastinator on 14 years ago

O.M.G. You are a gosend! I was just about to ask about something like this! I'm definetely going to save this tutorial for some boots I gotta make later this summer. It seems fairly straightforward... If i need some help I can PM you right? :)

#3 AlphaNinn on 14 years ago

Amazing. And good timing, too, I've been needing to make a pair of boots for awhile now, and that looks easier/more comfortable than what I was thinking of doing.

#4 XxSailorMarsxX on 14 years ago

i need help making sailor moon boots please help me (pouts) and sailor jupiter boots. please help me!!
btw your boots are really cool looking you are gifted!

#5 Sarcasm-hime on 14 years ago

Great job! ...when you say 'tac' what kind of tacks do you mean? Is the cover glued to the sole and also secured with nails, thumbtacks, or what? How did you ensure that the cover won't pull off of the sole? ^_^

#6 Eleryth on 14 years ago

Those are seriously amazing boots. I love your costumes, you put so much time and love into them (your Fuu is brilliant).

I'm curious about the hose and the silicon - what did you use to cut the hose straight? Sounds difficult to me. And silicon - like bathtub caulking type of stuff?

#7 minimerc on 14 years ago

OMG... Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I love you and owe you my life.

#8 Nachoman on 14 years ago


#9 Sashi on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=Sarcasm-hime]Great job! ...when you say 'tac' what kind of tacks do you mean? Is the cover glued to the sole and also secured with nails, thumbtacks, or what? How did you ensure that the cover won't pull off of the sole? ^_^ [/QUOTE]

Sorry I should've been a bit more clear there,I used shoe tacks just like these -->
Once theyr'e hammered into the sole they're pretty sturdy.
Yeah the entire cover is tacked to the sole only the white parts which are seperate are glued ontop to help cover the tacks.I could've sewn the white vinyl to the cover but since the tubing would've covered the tacks too but I just didn't think of doing it that way at the time.

[QUOTE=Eleryth]I'm curious about the hose and the silicon - what did you use to cut the hose straight? Sounds difficult to me. And silicon - like bathtub caulking type of stuff?[/QUOTE]

At first I actually tried using cable,cutting it was easy,cutting it straight wasn't since the wires inside are all twisted.I found some clear plastic hosing at a hardware store and thought I'd try that out.I used a box cutter to cut it down the middle(a friend helped me with this) but it's pretty impossible getting it perfectly straight.
Yeah I used a household silicone sealant which is caulk(we just don't use that term here :) )
But since nothing seems to stick to plastic too well(not even the silicone) I decided it was best to ver it with pleather which amazingly worked using a lot of super glue!!

[QUOTE=procrastinator]It seems fairly straightforward... If i need some help I can PM you right? [/QUOTE]
Sure,I'll gladly help where I can :)

Oh I forgot to mention,on the inside of my boots by the toe area I added extra "cusioning" purely for my own comfort since the plastic dries strangely and leaves "scratchy" bits on the insde.I just used batting for this but you can also use some type of sponge.

#10 Eleryth on 14 years ago

Thanks for the answer, Sashi! You rule!

I'd been thinking of using tubing on a pair of shoes that have a similar detail, but I never thought too much about how to attach it. This helped a lot.

#11 Genesis_13 on 14 years ago

o_O Amazing! They look fantastic....I will definitely try this next time I need this sort of thing.

#12 Umi on 14 years ago

Awesome! Although I must admit I'm a little miffed at you for not posting this up earlier. ^o^ I just got through fabricating a pair of boots and they turned out pretty ghetto-tastic. Thanks for sharing your experience and the bit about shoe tacks =D

#13 SpookyElectric on 14 years ago

Ah, some else who has made crazy Range Murata boots.

Painting the tip w/ resin to stiffen it is a really cool idea. I think one of my biggest issues w/ my boots (for Claus from Last Exile) was that the [url= parts/boots bottom.jpg]black tip in the front[/url] isn't stiff like it should be, but your approach would deffinately fix that.

Thanks for posting this & great work w/ the costume.

#14 Seriphina on 14 years ago

hm... while the ones i need aren't quite so complex, this'll be a great help!

#15 Ciarathallya on 14 years ago

You're my hero! I am going about this backwards. I had already made the booted portion. Looks more like a vinyl sock right now. But this makes a lot more sense. I'll be test it out. Thanks bunches.:bigtu:

You used acrylics for your paint yes? Any problems with it chipping on vinyl?