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#1 Hellangel on 11 years ago

Thanks to everyone for a great 2009!

Let's do it again!

Main discussion on the FanimeForums for 2010 starts
Cosplay.Com Thread:

Update: +Mirror Card(CCS), -Syaoran(Tsubasa)

------------ALL THINGS CLAMP----------------

Day: Sunday
Location: Front of Convention Fountain
The cast thus far (updated 04/9/2009):
( members are listed in blue)

[U]Fai D.[/U] - Lunarloop's, yumicchi88's, Robin-Sena, Met_Winner-Yuy
[u]Kurogane[/u] - [b]Strawberry Neko[/b]'s
[U]Sakura [/U]- Lunarloop's, Yunri-Chan, namineartbook(Piffle), konataFTW, Insane-Chan (artbook), Kuchikichan (artbook)
[U]Syaoran [/U]- ININ, Lunarloop's, yumicchi88, konataFTW's
[u]Tomoyo-hime[/u] - [b]Strawberry Neko[/b]


[u]Card Captor Sakura[/u]
[b]Card[/b] - MidnightRosebud (Mirror)
[b]Ruby[/b] - miyakochiba's
[b]Sakura[/b] - Nami-Vatomori, miyakochiba's
[b]Syaoran[/b] - miyakochiba's
[b]Meilin[/b] - xell, miyakochiba's
[b]Tomoyo[/b] - miyakochiba
[b]Yue[/b] - miyakochiba's

[b]Chi[/b] - Cosplay_Rose
[b]Freya[/b] - princess mekare
[b]Hideki[/b] - RyuSan777, Cosplay_Rose's

[b]Ora[/b] - AngelWings

[b]Kobato[/b] - ♪AKIRA♪

[u]Legal Drug[/u]
[b]Kazahaya[/b] - Heulangel
[b]Rikuo[/b] - Keiki

[b]Kohaku[/b] - blinx_rhapsody

[b]Aoki[/b] - Erudito
[b]Karen[/b] - Erudito's

[b]Himawari[/b] - Chaos-Shadow
[b]Yuuko[/b] - Pei
[b]Watanuki[/b] - DualTsumi


[i]Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.[/i]

#2 Yunri-Chan on 11 years ago

LOL Early planning much? :3

2009 was awesome; I'll probably be back in 2010 with another form of Sakura (Tsubasa?), she's such a great character to cosplay!

#3 Hellangel on 11 years ago

Haha, I thought so, too, because last year I was the first to put up gathering threads on both FanimeForums and Cosplay.Com. I was going to hold off, but the FanimeForums has just exploded with 2010 posts, and I won't stand to be out-posted XD

#4 wpuzzle on 11 years ago

LOL, you already put LunarLoop down as TRC. XD

#5 Hellangel on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=wpuzzle;2970749]LOL, you already put LunarLoop down as TRC. XD[/QUOTE]

Hahaha, am I wrong? XD
(We only cosplay like...EVERY DIMENSION, WHUT)

#6 konataFTW on 11 years ago

uwaaiii... me and are planning a lot of CLAMP's again next year 3<

(and could we go to a more shaded location? the gathering was nice since a buncha people came but I noticed some people complained about the brightness of the sun?)

and I will seperate the Geass and CLAMP Gatherings next year so I could cosplay other things =) (I hope that my proposal of the CLAMP Jumpsuits cosplays will win >3< hehehe we are debating HARD XD)

#7 Hellangel on 11 years ago

I almost feel like there should be a series of gatherings. Tsubasa, Code Geass, then ALL THINGS CLAMP. Y/N?

But that would be annoying for people who want to cosplay from each having ALL THINGS CLAMP on Monday wouldn't work at ALL (complicated things need to be packed already!!)

#8 Hellangel on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=konataFTW;2971287]and could we go to a more shaded location? the gathering was nice since a buncha people came but I noticed some people complained about the brightness of the sun?)[/QUOTE]


How about if we met up on the Hilton side? So you guys can hide in the shady forest thing when you're not called for photos XD

#9 Bekalou on 11 years ago

...Nope, you're not wrong about LunarLoop XD;; You bet I'll be there as Syaoran again! As long as it doesn't interfere with the Masquerade, just in case. I don't mind if there's a Tsubasa gathering and a separate CLAMP gathering, but perhaps they can run into each other - maybe the Tsubasa people can come half an hour earlier and then the rest of the CLAMP characters can come later, so we get all the Tsubasa out of the way ^_^

#10 konataFTW on 11 years ago

I could agree with the seperate gatherings... although some CLAMPers may feel... "left out?" uhuhuhu

BTW: (if comes back from Florida here's our line-up)

me as Sakura
Chaos-Shadow as Himawari
Pei as Yuuko
and maybe my friend as the Syaoran
DualTsumi as uhmmm still deciding between Syaoran or Watanuki (Watanuki if my friend goes as Syaoran or he wil be Syaoran if my friend doesn't)

all of us as the TRC/holic Goggles Jumpsuits Artbook CLAMPers~!

#11 Hellangel on 11 years ago

actually, i was worried about people feeling left out this year BECAUSE i was going through all the tsubasa stuff. ;___;
but, yes, i agree with overlappage...

konata- do you want me to list you guys separately, or all under ""? (like the way i have lunarloop members listed by the group name)

#12 konataFTW on 11 years ago

XD hahaha well I'm having the Geass gathering on a Saturday a.k.a Masq day b.k.a second day (that seperates one part), and if CLAMP will seperate you could do this: TRC ---> All things CLAMP

since TRC cosplays overcomes the other series, it's better to do them first and have everyone else go after so they'd feel special =) weeeee for CLAMP XD or if we do the opposite way photographers will take more pics of TRC, and like makes other series feel like "awww they forgot us" that kinda thing (lol going into their minds XD or maybe not~!)

and for the naming, yeah you could put down Chaos-Shadow, DualTsumi, and Pei as since they're from Florida (sigh... I can't believed I moved before my bro joined the group T_T) and put me and my friend seperately (but only as a maybe, like I said, they're from Florida... but they are planning on coming XD)

#13 Hellangel on 11 years ago

are you and your friend going to be from Tsubasa or Cardcaptor?

#14 konataFTW on 11 years ago

Trc =)

#15 blinx_rhapsody on 11 years ago

I really enjoyed the 2009 gathering and will be there next year, hopefully making less of an ass of myself. orz;; And making the tsubasa group one person less massive.

Anywho, although its really too early to say for sure, I've pretty much got my heart set on bringing Kohaku from Wish to next fanime. And I'll hopefully be able to wheedle some of my friends into creating a group, though the chances somewhat pathetic.