Valve Cosplay Meetup?

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#1 Syphon on 5 years ago

My friend who is cosplaying Chell from Portal 2 wanted me to post and see if anyone was interested in arranging a Valve meetup. Team Fortress 2, DOTA, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Portal, Half-Life...anyone planning outfits for any of these want to do a meetup at some point?

#2 BumblebeeMituna on 5 years ago

I AM!!! I'll bee L4D2 ver. of the Hunter. <33

#3 ClassicDavis on 5 years ago

Hey there! A bunch of us TF2 cosplayers will be having a meet on Saturday around 5:00 pm. We haven't decided yet on an initial meet up place but right now it's probably going to be on the second floor where all the tables are and then we'll head out to some location for pictures.

#4 seto_kaiba_36 on 5 years ago

i will have nick with me i allways do ^_^

#5 zelda1485 on 5 years ago

Boyfriend has made a Wheatley Iorn Man and I have my Chell that I'm bring too. So if there is a Valve meet up we would be very interested.

#6 Syphon on 5 years ago

Unfortunately, my Chell friend had to cancel her plans to go to the con, but I hope you all have fun!

#7 BumblebeeMituna on 5 years ago

sad day,but i hope to see all you valve cosplayers!!

#8 digitalduckie on 5 years ago

Well I'd been debating whether or not I was going to bring my Scout because I haven't worn him to a con in a long time but with the comic last night, I will indeed bring my Scout along with a mug shot board.

I'll be at my table in the Bazaar most of the time but if I hear about a meet up (that doesn't conflict with the Welcome to Night Vale one) then I'll try to be there!

Ladies are welcome to stop by my table for a free duck-face gun show mug shot photo. KERWINK