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#1 kagomebenihime on 7 years ago

ok so my groups planing to go to anime salt lake in march and I have to make a chii cosplay and a freya cosplay before then. what do I do? :blubber:
does anybody know any easyer outfits of thiers that I could make?
I'm not the best seamstress in the world so any thoughts would be very helpful :schitzo:
thanks for reading :)
Kagome Benihime

#2 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

Well, anything you make will probably require sewing skills. Can you not buy something online, or something short and cute at a store? None of Chii's outfits are easy to make, I think.

#3 kagomebenihime on 7 years ago

well I would but unfortunatly I'm on a small budget and cant order online :mad:. I have a few amazing Seamstresses in my family but they're always to busy to help me...:blubber: I hope to get some dresses and modify them but I'm trying to find a simple outfit of theirs to do so I don't have to completly slaughter the dress

#4 benihime on 7 years ago

in one outfit chii just wears an oversized male long sleeve button up shirt. that would be the easiest and cheapest. ([url][/url])

that's also pretty easy

that one is also very easy

and this dress would be super easy

As long as you have a good wig and the persocom ears you should be good :)

#5 kagomebenihime on 7 years ago

thanks so much :)