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#1 epicninjakidd on 7 years ago

You are probably going to roll your eyes at this and i am sorry >< but>< i>&lt; please post : reference images so i can maybe hack it on my own, reasonable ad of used automail or al armor or even tutorials or a patterns. Please and thank you , I am a total newb but thank you for helping me :)

#2 Stina006 on 7 years ago

There's a pattern of Al's armor.
Craft foam, hot glue and styrene works wonders but I recommend trying here.
and here
I'm trying this out too and it gets frustrating after a while. Just TAKE YOUR TIME with this. Don't get frustrated because it starts to look bad or wrong.
Good Luck.
and Just an FYI, I started working on my automail a little under a month ago and it's already done. Also if you're using Ed's long coat and jacket, Just make his hand for now XD

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