Bao's Belt buckle

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#1 Kaelidra on 7 years ago

Try saying that ten times fast XD

Anyways, I plan on cosplaying Bao Sanniang from DW7, but I have no idea what her gold belt buckle actually looks like! I've looked at all the reference pictures I could find, including the official book, but I can't tell. Does anyone know?

#2 Melanie on 7 years ago

Wow... it's quite a mess! I'd never really looked at it before now.

When I failed to decipher the design on Sima Yi's 6 belt buckle, I just made something I thought would suit - phoenixes and fire.

So, for Bao, if you can't work it out, maybe some swirled dragons and clouds would be the way to go?
So long as you've got the basic shape right, I doubt anyone is going to fault you. If someone is staring at your crotch, punch them! And if they say "That's not accurate!" grab them by the throat and demand "HOW DO YOU KNOW?! SHOW ME THE REFERENCE!!!"

#3 Kaelidra on 7 years ago

Haha Melanie, thats great. But I think I might get in trouble for that. I was going to wing it if I couldn't figure it out... with dragons and clouds, actually.