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#1 Freight on 7 years ago

Name: Freight
Hotel: Anaheim Hilton & Towers
Dates: Friday, June 15 to Monday, June 18 (4 days/3 nights)
Rate: $220.00 or $110.00
Spaces Available: 14
Room Type: Standard - Dual beds
Smoking or Non-Smoking: Definitely non-smoking
E-Mail: [email][email protected][/email]
AIM: blackfreight03

Details about me: I'm a 35-year old male who will be attending AM2 for the second time. I've gone to the Anime Expo from 1993 to 2010, and ALA 2011 and 2012, AM2, and Fanime in 2011.

My simple philosophy about rooms is that if you go, you should only have to pay the money requested and show up. I'll take care of getting the rooms squared away. At AX 2005, the Hilton at Anaheim said they were overbooked and I had to take a set of smaller rooms. I managed to talk them into giving us a suite parlor to replace one of the rooms for no extra cost.

I've also led a suite full of otaku at AX 2006, and I still look at that as the most fun I've had for a convention. If I can get enough people together to do that again at another hotel, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I'm bringing my Xbox360 with me. I have several games including the latest WB Batman games, UMvC3, Halo Reach and Anniversary, and I have Rock Band 3 with over 600 available songs.

I'm called a fair and attentive leader, and I will be available for any questions.


Are your rates per night or for the whole stay? Whole stay.

When would payment be due? I ask that payment be sent about a month prior to the convention. This gives me time to turn payments into cash for the hotels, as well as weed out any last second drop-outs. Besides, it makes it easier to keep other people's money separate from mine until necessary.

How do you like payment? I prefer checks or money orders. If cash is sent in the mail and the postman loses it, it's lost for both you and me. Checks or money orders can be traced by the sender, or cancelled and retrieved, if necessary.

Do you accept Paypal? I avoid it unless I have no other choice. After a certain amount each month, Paypal starts taking out a percentage for processing. It doesn't sound honest to ask for "$297 plus 3% for processing," right?

If I can't go, will you send me a refund? I will if I've already taken payment, but since I had to put down 1 night's deposit on each room, I'm going to have to add a provision to this that I can't offer a refund after 2 weeks prior to the convention. It's not being stingy, but putting down almost $300.00 per room before arriving, I need to make sure that money won't be wasted, and it's going to be very hard to replace any last second drop-outs.

What do we do about food? I attended AX for several years, and frequently visit Anaheim for other conventions and events, so I have a good idea of where to go and who to order from for a good evening. I'll set up a list and ask you if you can make it to a non-mandatory group dinner for everyone to sit, meet, greet, and relax.

I am also offering a $30.00 buy in which I use to pick up snacks like chips, pretzels, water, Kool-Aid, and other simple snacks, as well as garbage bags, bars of soap, shampoo/conditioner, and couple of odds and ends. With that buy in, you'll also get 4 boxes of Pocky, and 3 bottles of Ramune for your personal use.

I'm a girl and I don't want to room with guys... Not a problem. I have one girls only room currently set up. Please PM or e-mail me about this room, and I'll give you the details.

I'm under 18... Can I still go? Sure. I'll take people as young as 14, but if you are between 14 and 17, [U]I HAVE TO SPEAK TO YOUR PARENTS FIRST. This is non-negotiable[/U]. It sounds very over-bearing, but if you're a minor, you lie to your parent/guardian about where you are, and you're found with me and/or my friends, that's a potential kidnapping charge on the adult(s) you're found with, and that's a great way to ruin a convention.

What's the rule about drinking? I don't mind social drinking or fun drinking, but I don't condone getting fall-down drunk. Also, [U]NO MINOR DRINKING, PERIOD[/U]. If you're an adult who gives a minor alcohol, we'll have a few unkind words, and I won't hesitate to involve the authorities.

Someone I'm rooming with is getting on my nerves... Bring anything like this to me. I'm a decent negotiator and I will handle all issues like this. Few things can make a weekend more tense than people irritating each other and drawing lines in the sand. Even if it doesn't get to fighting, you're giving the cold-shoulder to someone else, and everyone else in that room will get frustrated and caught up in it. That's not fair to everyone in that situation.

"Um... I broke something in the room." This should be a no-brainer, but be prepared to pay for it. I also inspect rooms quickly before I check them out. The reason for that is if these things are reserved with my credit card and something comes up broken, I have to pay for it. I limit my risks by being careful.

What happens if I break "the rules?" I escort you out. Not out of the hotel or the convention, but out of my room block. No refunds and no arguments. You're out.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask.