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#31 PrettyKittyMulu on 12 years ago

You know, Ginger Catgirl and I were just discussing this. Probably because we listened to the soundtracks from Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast..

We want to cosplay Jasmine and Belle, respectively, as well as Robin Hood and Maid Marian from the animated Robin Hood, our favorite Disney movie :D (Yes, we will have ears and tails.)

#32 Queen Anime 99 on 12 years ago

Heh. I'm in the same boat as you (Trying to make a Disney Princess-like dress). I'm having so much trouble finding adult patterns for Disney Princesses. I have a feeling they aren't out there. ^_^ You could buy the little kids' pattern and resize it for yourself ([url]http://www.simplicity.com/index.cfm?cat=4&type=20&sec=89&startrow=1)[/url]. Hope that helps! :D

Bakusama, I like Alice and Mulan too. I plan to do Mulan before I end my cosplay career. :D OMG. A Mushu cosplay would be so awesome! I worship Eddie Murphy now because of how awesome he made Mushu. Eddie is so good at voicing characters. XD

#33 kojirojames2004 on 12 years ago

If you plan to do Alice, get McCalls Pattern M4948. It's perfect.

#34 nakamura_kun on 12 years ago

Hopefully soon I will get a chance to do a Disney Princess I've alwas wanted to!^^
I really want to be Bell or Mulan^^lol

#35 **Scion** on 12 years ago

I absolutely LOVE old Disney, yet HATE new Disney. I do like Pixar but anything outside of that I don't care for.

#36 ricashaye on 12 years ago

I'm planning on cosplaying Ariel and perhaps Meg from Hercules. Wooo! I'm pretty excited. ^^

#37 Clive-kun on 12 years ago

::sigh:: So I need some help. I have a Disney themed party to go to and there are NO characters I can be. My mom said I'm at my wig buying limit for the year and they're all used, and I don't have a sewing machine to do the one I wanted (see my sig....Elizabeth's pirate outfit...wayyyyyyyy too detailed for all that hand sewing). Help?

[URL="http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/300W/fs7.deviantart.com/i/2005/184/b/4/I_Hate_Pink_by_AntiPhotogenic.jpg"]A picture for you to see...[/URL]

My hair is light blonde, there's just been a tint added to the picture.

#38 kojirojames2004 on 12 years ago

Not even [i]High School Musical[/i]? Bummer!

#39 Clive-kun on 12 years ago

Ah, no, I decided to do Ryan after working on Draco for so long....is it just me or do the two of them seem wayyyyyyy too close to being the same person?

#40 kojirojames2004 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Queen Anime 99;1850202][b][i]"Peter Pan, Aladdin, [u]Daffy[/u] Duck, Goofy, Tinker Bell and Mickey should be pretty easy, too."[/i][/b][/QUOTE]

[b]DAFFY?![/b] Oh, if Walter Elias Disney was not cryogenically frozen (he isn't), he'd tell you that it's [b]Donald[/b] Duck. Daffy belongs to Warner Brothers.

#41 Aer Arcanum on 12 years ago

Oooh, I've thought of doing a Disney cosplay before. But I'm having trouble deciding what I would do. I'm thinking... maybe... one of Jasmine or Aladdin's costumes, or Peter Pan (but I need to seriously see that movie again first). Or something from Pirates, hahah. Oh, I don't know.

#42 kojirojames2004 on 12 years ago

You can just easily look up the pictures of Cosplay.com members by typing in the Disney Character (Jasmine for example) in the costume search box above. ^^

#43 Queen Anime 99 on 12 years ago

I know. I was thinking Donald but I typed Daffy. :D

[QUOTE=kojirojames2004;1952480][b]DAFFY?![/b] Oh, if Walter Elias Disney was not cryogenically frozen (he isn't), he'd tell you that it's [b]Donald[/b] Duck. Daffy belongs to Warner Brothers.[/QUOTE]

#44 kojirojames2004 on 12 years ago

Anywho, took me some time to discover the error...a couple months!

You can also use the M4948 pattern to make a reasonably good Snow White, Aurora or Cinderella with the right embellishments.

#45 Lunacat1 on 12 years ago

hello!!! i have been tempted to reply on this topic but was scared i was going to get TOOOOOOOO involved (huge disney fan ) but i figured o well what the heck lets make it short and sweet.....

i too used to be a disney castmember as a character preformer...LOVED IT!!!!! anyways so far i have alice, megara, Belle's blue dress and her yellow dress, tinker bell, peter pan, wendy, snow white, and elizabeth swan's gold dress, barbossa dress, pirate, chinese princess (currently working on) and pirate king costume (currently workin on)....some are mine and some are my little cousins... i would like to possibly redo some of the costumes or do a deluxe version of them...plus continue to grow my disney collection....the list could go on and on...I LOVE IT....there short and sweet!!!

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