Things you never thought you'd say. . .

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#1 Kuro Yue on 12 years ago

The definitive list! XD

The title is self-explanitory. Simply list the things that you never thought you'd say when you got into this hobby.

So far, I've only got two:

"Curse you, crotch-hole!" (shouting at the hole in the crotch of the Riku pants I'm trying to repair, because no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away)

"Stop licking the sword!" (yelling at my kittens, who had licked my spoon clean of the papier mache on it and were going after the sword (and why kittens like flour and water is beyond me))

#2 Zerocount on 12 years ago

'Stop petting your tail' I told my cousin, cause she made one.

'Lets put make-up on!!'..... O_o

#3 AbbytehAWESOME on 12 years ago

"Fleece Boobs of DOOM!" (Curucar, you totally get this. XD)
"Woah, that Poke'mon interpretive dance was really cool..."

I'll probably think of more later.

#4 Gowa-chan on 12 years ago

"I get to have two heads!"
Sadly, said in front of my coworkers (who looked at me strangely) when telling them about some of the costumes i was working on at the time (the one i was talking about was Sakon/Ukon)

#5 kiddevil on 12 years ago

" do I make these sleep-lines under my eyes even DARKER."

For when I was cosplaying L two years ago. Oh dear. xD

#6 AuroraHermione on 12 years ago

During notes in rehearsal one night, someone in the cast mentioned being poor. I cried out "ya, I'm poor too! I spent all my money on fabric and wigs!' My director then told me that he'd never heard anyone say that they were poor from spending all their money on fabric and wigs.

#7 Damaskas on 12 years ago

I was discussing doing a skit with someone online, and we were having trouble finding out where to host it, and I shouted "Ne, ne, Don't put it in there!!" when she suggested the park, cause it would be really busy at that time.

I'm guessing the neighbors got the WRONG idea.

#8 mokulen22 on 12 years ago

"I need a sword..and you need a GUN" said at McDicks at my cousin..we needed props for my kenshin cosplay and her Jack sparrow...Doesn't sound so bad to us as cosplayers but I totally freaked out this old east indian man sitting in ear-shot.

#9 total_addict on 12 years ago

"These apples aren't red enough, dammit!! You'd think there'd be at least one RED apple in a supermarket this big!!"
(wanted for Death Note cosplay :P)

#10 Kakashi101 on 12 years ago

My spools won't stay up! ;_; (Chii XD) to a frined at fabric store just as I was playing with my bra strap.

#11 Rain Miko on 12 years ago

"Mom, does this makeup make me look like a boy?"

(In reference to a Riku makeup test-run)

#12 AncientWanderer on 12 years ago

"Damn you large boobs! Why can't I just look like a MAN?!"
- Trying to bind for my Blank costume.

#13 Bish on 12 years ago

"Damn it! Why are my boobs so big!?" Yeah, erm *coughs* why I can't really crossplay without not being able to breathe.

Infront of my father no less. ^^;

#14 Kirby-chan on 12 years ago

"yeah, I have a tail, yes, I know it's blue!" said to my friend's father who still never shuts up about my big, blue fox tail

"fun-foam is my friiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeend!!!!" okay, long story short, I didnt have enough money to by these black cat ears so I made my own out of fun foam and we were out of Elmers glue so I used that modeling glue that has the fumes you can get high off of... the rest writes itself ^^;;;;

"it's not an obsession, it's a hobby" said to my mother who thought I was going crazy when I showed her my costume for a punblic place like Otakon "yeah, Im going out in this, just like everyone else!"

#15 Zerocount on 12 years ago

'Damn why do your boobs have to be so big!' O_o... (Please rest assured I would NEVER say something like this other than this situation) ;p

While we are on the subject. My cousin was binding for Sasuke, and then Itachi, and she kept complaining!