The Legend of Zelda Gathering 10

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#1 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

Welcome adventurers to The Legend of Zelda Gathering!

Day: Sunday
Time: 3pm
Location:FiF CE MS

Not just an enemy but your host, Dark Link ;3

OoT: Ocarina of Time
TP:TwilightPrincess;O: Is for Ordon ver.
PH:Phantom Hourglass
ST:Spirit Tracks
FS: FourSwords
+:Means friends,group member,gf/bf etc.
(?): Maybe o:


Fanime Forums:

Dark Link:Error00004

Link:Tearatone+(O)TP),CosplayerJJ(G)OoT),Capriciou sThief(OoT),Hime no Toki(WW/ST/FS/PH),RappyDemon+
Dark Link:Error00004
Ganon:ericvirgin85, Nemuren(?)
Post Man:
Princess Agitha:Shiek Chan

Also: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

#2 Meanlilkitty on 10 years ago

Ilia (myself) and Orden Link (Tearatone) from TP shall be there. See ya whenever the gathering is!

#3 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

Pending what day it is, I might bring Vaati. I could always get more wear out of it. :D

#4 junkeemunky on 10 years ago

It depends on the day/time, but I'll try to make it. I have an unworn Poe Collector costume that has been sitting in my closet for years.

#5 CosplayerJJ on 10 years ago

Link from Ocarina of Time is here to join, I might be Goron Tunic Link.

#6 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

Well I would like to hear what days would work for you all :3

#7 CosplayerJJ on 10 years ago

any day for me. Except Saturday, I am holding my FF VII Gathering on Saturday with out a time yet.

#8 CapriciousThief on 10 years ago

Only one of the gatherings I'm attending has a confirmed date as of yet, which is Saturday, so that day doesn't work well for me (I assume it doesn't work for you either bunnykiller, since you're going to said gathering as well). Unless it was during a different time or something.

Also I already posted (as iNSOMNiAC) on the Fanime Forums' equivalent thread, but don't forget to put me on the list here too! Or I'll kill ya. >:T ...Disregard the fact that my cosplay is still unarmed.

#9 Nandra on 10 years ago

Oh, hurray! I was almost at the point of starting a thread myself.

I would really love to be at the gathering in my TP Zelda costume. Problem is, if I'm not at the Naruto one on Sunday, I'll be literally murdered by my friends. ^^

So Sunday's a no-go for me. Otherwise, count me in as Zelda!

#10 akuriko on 10 years ago

I'll be there this year. ^ ^ Depending on the day/other conflicts, I'll either be going as TP Princess Zelda or ST Princess Zelda. ^ ^

#11 bunnykiller321 on 10 years ago

Well so far we having it on saturday according to the Nintendo gathering, though we shall be having it later in the day so it wouldn't interfere with the earlier gatherings as well with the crowds - _- last year people couldn't even hear me hahaha though I am small as well Dx *DAMN YOU!* isn't being nice with me with updating the first post, you may look at the fanime forum list if you need to see it. Other then that I shall be updating or atleast posting about what's happening. ;3 TY FOR JOINING MEH!

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#12 Vivibeth on 10 years ago

Cool a Zelda gathering :D
Well I'm going as Ferrus from Spirit Tracks.

#13 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

I may bring my WW/ST/FourSwords/PH Link instead, if not for not having to deal with body paint and being more comfy, and easier to change into and out of seeing as I am planning to bring quite a few costumes.

#14 bunnykiller321 on 9 years ago

Hello everyone..- _- been having difficulties logging on here for some reason.
As for me I shall be going as casual Dark Link with a cam taking everyones pictures. ;3
(I'm the host >>)

#15 bunnykiller321 on 9 years ago