LLNN at Project A-Kon 14 report is up!

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#1 LionBoogy on 15 years ago


Enjoy! And yes, if you see yourself in any of the shots, feel free to use them in your cosplay.com galleries. Apologies for the bad lighting conditions that caused some shots to mess up and if I didn't get absolutely everyone. I arrived fairly late on Friday.

- Lionel

#2 RuthlessJS on 15 years ago

this is a great report for AKON 14.
Thanks for your hard work. :)

btw I was wondering if there was any chance I could get a high res version of a pic on your website? I was in the cosplay skit #54 as Barret and I was wondering if there was any chance you could email that pic for me? If you can't then that's ok. :)


[email][email protected][/email]

#3 kyandi chan on 15 years ago

lionel! i looked through ALL of the pictures...just now. *eyes are sore but happy* they are such great pictures..and two of me and my Kingdom Hearts group yay!...but none of my wolf costume from mononoke hime...dang..i was only in the cosplay hall n the dealers room for a lil while in it doing my own shoot...oh well NEAT PICTURES ! THANKS!

#4 LionBoogy on 15 years ago

ruthlessjs: Hey! Great costume, but uhh.. I used a digital video camera to tape the masq and enhanced the capture for the report. That's about the best quality you're ever gonna see. hehe Sorry, the camera only grabs at 640x480 and even then it's not the greatest in the world.

kyandi-chan: You mean this is not you? (wolf creature above-center) [url]http://www.usagichan.com/Akon14/cosplay045.htm[/url]

#5 psythe on 15 years ago

*bows to Lionel*

As always Lionel, GOOD WORK! :) You are a great asset to the community. :bigtu:

#6 RuthlessJS on 15 years ago

Oh. That's ok I hope I can find some more pictures online somewhere perhaps. If anyone has pictures from skit number...#54....I think ............the ff7 cosplay let me know :)