Gauntlets! But what to do?

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#1 Xerzaph on 5 years ago

So, I've been looking around a little and have decided to make a cosplay that involves Gauntlets. Due to gauntlets not being the cheapest things to buy, I was wondering if anyone had any experience making them.

I've done my research and have started drawing up patterns for the gauntlets themselves, but the design is going to involve some fairly sharp creases. Now I have craft foam, and have yet to experiment on it with some heat, but I wondered if anyone knows how well it forms fairly sharp creases.

If the case is that it creases poorly, can anyone recommend me better materials? Preferably from experience?

#2 Kelley on 5 years ago

Reference pictures ? :)

#3 Xerzaph on 5 years ago

Ringwraith gauntlets.


#4 Xerzaph on 5 years ago

You know, I could have sworn that I sent a message before... But whatever, I'm attempting to recreate Ring Wraith gauntlets, from Lord Of The Rings. Specifically the basic Ring Wraith and not the Witch King's Gauntlets.

#5 Penlowe on 5 years ago

The lines on the forearm portion are created with some other material on top of the foam, not the foam being creased (glue, smaller slivers of foam, bondo- whatever). The moving pieces need to be just that, separate pieces hinged together at the sides of the hand to allow movement.

#6 Nostrum on 5 years ago

Really, the best material for this is metal. Especially because you have the articulated fingers. Craft foam just won't be thin enough to recreate that.

I haven't used it, but worbla might be an option? Possibly backed with resin to reinforce it.

#7 Frekki on 5 years ago

I made gauntlets a few days ago and I would not reccomend craft foam. Its cheap which is nice, but it can rip easily and doesn't crease very well. I made mine from wonderflex. It's a little expensive but well worth it! Its pretty much a sheet of thin plastic that you and heat and bend, crease, fold, whatever. When it cools it keeps its shape nicely. It won't rip and it paints beautifully (if you get the smooth stuff). I actually have progress pictures of my gauntlets if you want to see how the stuff can be shaped> [url][/url]

#8 rothsauce on 5 years ago

If you're going to make the gauntlets out of craft foam, they need to be reinforced with either another material (using something for backing. Heavy poster board, sheets of thin flexible plastic, Wonderflex, Worbla, etc) or be coated with hot glue to keep them more durable. Foam on its own can be pretty fragile stuff. To get sharp corners or odder shapes, you need to overlap or build up the piece that you're doing, or make the pattern out of another material and apply the craft foam to that.

For a suit of armor I'm doing, I used some shelf liner that my work was going to throw away for the backing of my gauntlets, and applied craft foam over top of that once I worked out the pattern. It has worked well for me, and the materials are all light-weight, flexible, and best of all with the added plastic, durable!