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#1 DevilofParadise on 6 years ago

Hey guys, I have an all-girls room and a co-ed room starting Thurs-Sun. Thing is I don't want to overcrowd, so if you want a nice room and can drop some decent cash, drop me a line and hope to see you there!

#2 DevilofParadise on 6 years ago

Update, we're mostly filled up but still have a couple of spots left - for anyone who wants more info:
We have a girls-only room, and a co-ed room, we're trying not to overcrowd the rooms so that everyone has space so each person might have to pay a bit more. We're not trying to make any money on this like some people, we're only trying to cover the room fees, so each person only pays the total divided by how many people are in the room. We're at the hotel closest to the convention center, it's super high-end, has a shuttle service to the con, and has complimentary breakfast on top of having a 24-hour 'Galley' on each floor stocked with complimentary hot drinks, purified water, ice and helpful kitchen amenities. Just FYI - room space there is almost sold out if it isn't already.

Thanks for all of those that have already RSVP'd, you've been super great!

#3 santose2008 on 6 years ago

How much are we looking are for the room rate?

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