Star Trek 2013

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#1 Crusader_8 on 5 years ago

1. All series/movie iterations welcome

2. Yes, this means Enterprise too

3. No, this does not mean everyone should be Spock

4. But everyone [i]could[/i] be Spock and that would be okay

5. If we're lucky we can get a big enough crew to rival the droves of Star Wars cosplayers with their fancy hand-made armors and fx sabers

6. No, this does not mean we will be confronting Star Wars fans as I am not covered at the moment

7. Someone should dress up as the Enterprise

8. It would be nice if we had all the captains

9. It would be nicer if someone took a hit for the team and dressed up as the ship

10. If we get a sizeable enough group we can discuss photoshoot options, times and locations

Kirk out.*

*Yes, you can still be Kirk