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#1 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

I didn't see a thread dedicated to Hunk so I guess I'll start it. I already have a Hunk cosplay, so if anyone needs any tips or advice you can talk to me I think I am qualified to give advice on this particular character

#2 Captain Jack on 8 years ago

#3 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Also if you have the cash, you can buy the kmp9r by KWA and customize it from there

#4 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Hey i finally got the mag pouches. Uhm do you know of a glue that i can glue the mag pouches onto the vest?

#5 Captain Jack on 8 years ago

I wouldn't glue them on if I were you. The nylon will eventually slip out. If you have a sewing machine, sew some MOLLE webbing onto the vest.


It's just nylon webbing sewn in about 1" increments. Then you use those thick nylon straps with the snaps on the back of the pouches to secure the pouches to the webbing on the vest. Kind of hard to explain. If you can stand to wait, I can show you what I mean at Anime LA, or at Mikomi Core if you go to that one.

#6 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Ahh ok no believe it or not I get it uhm now where do I get molle webbing and those nylon straps and which wristbands did you use for the gloves?

Ps are you getting the kMp9 for hunk or ?

#7 Captain Jack on 8 years ago

Nylon webbing can be bought at Joann, or any fabric store for that matter. Even Walmart probably has it. That's all MOLLE webbing is: nylon webbing sewn in 1" increments. Maybe 1.5" would be better though so it's not so hard to work with.

I think the brand of wristbands I have are called McAllen? Or something like that. They sell them at most sporting goods stores.

And yeah, I plan on buying the MP9, but I want to get it with real world markings. I'm waiting for RedWolf Airsoft to have on in stock again, because the one Airsoft GI has says "Cal: 6mm" and has airsoft markings on it.

#8 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Wait so are you getting ksc or kwa?

#9 Captain Jack on 8 years ago


#10 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Why are you buying it from redwolf?

#11 Captain Jack on 8 years ago

The model on RedWolf has real world markings ("Cal: 9x19" and whatnot.) It looks better.

#12 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

Ok, I see but you should get it from here
It lets you know when it is back in stock oh and in their salvage garden they also have a ksc mp9 there if thats of any interest. Oh also there is one on ebay for $275.

#13 Captain Jack on 8 years ago

The SF10 and the S10 look identical, save for the fact that you can put two filters on the SF10 - which would look wrong. Instead of a filter attachment on the right (like on the SF10), the S10 has a microphone attachment on the right.

Other than that, they look the same. Neither is more accurate than the other.

And technically, HUNK's gas mask doesn't exist. The closest thing is either the S10 or SF10.

#14 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

SO when are you planing on geting the MP9?

#15 W4RH0US3 on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Killzer;3656966]1 thing though you can actually have the 2nd filter on the sf10 close up with the attachment that was handed out when issued. The sf10 actually comes with flat lens while the s10 came with a bit more rounded lens, but you figured that out after a while. And you should think about getting Matilda[/QUOTE]
You mean the VP70