List of Conventions/Events in the UK

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#1 CrystalNeko on 9 years ago

Rawr hopefully this will help you guys pick a convention near you that you may not have known about. Will update on what it's like etc at a later date - for now this is basically a chance for me to procrastinate 8D. Now hopefully it will prevent threads such as "IS THERE A CON NEAR ME BLAH BLAH BLAH!?"
Oh yes and of course there are also the Memoribilia and Collectormania events, they happen so regularly and are everywhere that I can't be bothered to keep track of when they appear - I'll look into it when I'm freer to update this list~

None that I know off...

[URL=""]London Anime Con @ London[/URL]
[URL=""]Grand Cosplay Ball Valentine's Prom[/URL]
[URL=""]Midlands MCM Expo @ Telford[/URL]
[URL=""]Japanese Art Festival @ Richmond[/URL]
[URL=""]D-Con @ Dundee[/URL]

[URL=""]Minamicon @ Southampton[/URL]

[URL=""]Kitacon @ Northampton[/URL]

[URL=""]Bristol Comic Expo @ Bristol[/URL]
[URL=""]London MCM Expo @ London[/URL]

[URL=""]Nemacon @ Middlesborough[/URL]
[URL=""]Q-Con @ Belfast[/URL]
[URL=""]Nanicon @ Bristol[/URL]

[URL=""]London Film and Comic Con @ London[/URL]
[URL=""]Japanese Art Festival @ Richmond[/URL]
[URL=""]Tokonatsu @ Woburn[/URL]

[URL=""]Ayacon Revolution @ Coventry[/URL]
[URL=""]Amecon @ Keele[/URL]
[URL=""]NomCon @ Dublin[/URL]

[URL=""]Alcon @ Leicester[/URL]

[URL=""]Hyper Japan @ London[/URL]
[URL=""]London MCM Expo @ London[/URL]
[URL=""]J-Culture Con @ Derby[/URL]
[URL=""]Video Games Live @ London[/URL]

[URL=""]Fushicon @ Northampton[/URL]
[URL=""]Auchinawa @ Glasgow[/URL]
[URL=""]Eritakon @ Dublin[/URL]
[URL=""]Thought Bubble @ Leeds[/URL]
[URL=""]Grand International Cosplay Ball @ London[/URL]

None that I can think off...

#2 yatak on 9 years ago

Ohhh thanks!!!! Love youuu long time!

#3 Jenyan on 9 years ago

This is super useful actually, its needs stickying.

#4 CrystalNeko on 9 years ago

Glad you guys found it useful~
I PM'd a moderator to ask for it stickied so that we don't get repeat threads, hopefully they'll sticky it xD;

#5 Cosplay_Colzy-X on 9 years ago

Thanks for this ^_^ Really helpful~
Just to let you know though Minamicon was at the end of march this year not april...i'm not sure of the dates for next year but it was like the 27th-29th march this year ^-^

#6 CrystalNeko on 9 years ago

This year it was in March, however next year they've changed the date to 16-18th April where it's much warmer~ And Kitacon has moved to March... it's like they switched months xD

#7 _Peppermint_ on 9 years ago

What about JAF? ([url][/url])

#8 CrystalNeko on 9 years ago


#9 ballet shoes on 9 years ago

Hurrah!! Excellent idea :)

#10 _Peppermint_ on 9 years ago

Awesome, thanks. I've only been to one JAF but everyone there was really friendly, and it's a great warm-up to Expo =3

#11 Cosplay_Colzy-X on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=CrystalNeko;2977292]This year it was in March, however next year they've changed the date to 16-18th April where it's much warmer~ And Kitacon has moved to March... it's like they switched months xD[/QUOTE]

Ah okayy ^^ I didn't know about that ^^' sorry~
But still thanks for letting us know ^-^

#12 Ichibi on 9 years ago

Piece of advice;
i'd advise tellign people that Auchinawa and Fuyucon run on alternate years, eg. Fuyucon 2009, Auchinawa 2010 etc, etc

Already had a load of people on the GlasgowAnime forum thinking it's running this year and bugging the committee about registrations XD

#13 Sephirayne on 9 years ago

Awesome great idea.

#14 CorrineJW on 9 years ago

THANK YOU, ILY! I've been trying to find a thread like this for ages

#15 Cynergist on 9 years ago

You may want to update the location for Aya Revolution too. The venue is the Warwick Arts Centre / Warwick University. But this is confusingly actually in Coventry and not in Warwick.

Last time we ran at this venue we did have people travel to Warwick by mistake and wonder why they couldn't find the venue.