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#31 little-caitlin on 9 years ago

Wooo! DTAC. I'll be cosplaying Zexion, and will be running around with a Demyx and possibly a Marly & Xigbar!
;) I'm sure TearsofOblivion will remember us from FE

#32 Pazuzu on 9 years ago

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver version gym leader cosplays, woot woot :D

I haven't been to DTAC in sooooo long lol

#33 Kralice on 9 years ago

Either doing group cosplay for DTACT or Yurine ^^
Either one will be awesomeness as its my first year at DTACT

#34 saskatoo on 9 years ago

Going as Devil May Cry 4 Trish. I also have a DMC 4 Dante and a DMC 3 Lady and Vergil with me :) We are Christmasing it up a bit as well.

#35 Angathol on 9 years ago

I may be able to go; however, it's on the weekend between two of my exams. We'll see.

#36 Merino on 9 years ago

If the First post wants to add the info, it's up on the website now =3

What: DTAC
When: December 13, 11am - 5pm
Where: MTCC 255 Front St. W
Who: (is the guest?) Sam Vincent
How: (much is it to get in?) $10.00

#37 Alorelle on 9 years ago

[CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]Going as a Ragnarok Assassin with maybe my friend as a Soul Linker. C: DTAC should be fun ~ [/FONT][/CENTER]

#38 ☆ KEITA on 9 years ago

Alorelle: Ooh, I definitely gotta get a picture with you~ I'll be cosing from Ragnarok as well, along with an Archbishop. :]

#39 LuluHime on 9 years ago

If things go my way this next month or so I think I will be able to go ! : D
and if I do; I will probably cosplay Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier, I finished the cosplay ... and yet I never wore it to a con yet ! XD

#40 Alorelle on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=lawlilove;3187613]Alorelle: Ooh, I definitely gotta get a picture with you~ I'll be cosing from Ragnarok as well, along with an Archbishop. :][/QUOTE]

[CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]:D Yes, definitely !! Can't wait to see your secret costume and the Archbishop ! All of the new third classes look so cool~ ; ~;
I might have some other friends who might be doing Ragnarok too, but they're not sure yet. Depends if they can go or not. ;x[/FONT][/CENTER]

#41 Piru_Chan on 9 years ago

Wellp, looks like I'm stuck in Toronto for exams so I'll actually be able to go to DTAC. Don't know if I'll have much in the way of cosplay but at least it'll be something to do between exams X3 (that and I suppose it's an slightly early birthday gift for myself).

#42 Trumble on 9 years ago

one piece anybody?
im thinking of making a franky or posibly re wearing my mihawk

#43 Chipface on 9 years ago

You should definitely rewear your Mihawk.

#44 fallingsorrow on 9 years ago

i'll be going, i just haven't decided as what yet

#45 Otaking97 on 9 years ago

I love you DTAC.......wait no I don't.

But I'm still going.