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#16 TearsOfOblivion on 9 years ago

I'm going to be going as Vexen from Kingdom Hearts. I don't know if I'll have the cloak by then though, if not I can do a casual cosplay. anyone else cosplaying Kingdom Hearts?

#17 KakeraのTsuki on 9 years ago

.derp. oops.

#18 RiKashi on 9 years ago

I'm cosplaying either a christmas version of Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man; or if not, regular Death The Kidd from Soul Eater.

#19 browncoatnaruto on 9 years ago

I'm probably going to be going as Christmas Sakura Haruno with one of my friends as Naruto and possibly another as Kakashi. :D

#20 xbloodxrosex on 9 years ago

I'm considering going to DTAC as I've never been to it XD But it all depends on exam schedules and how stressed I am at that point x.x Freakin' first year in university >.>
If my group and I do go, expect some Christmas!Axis Powers Hetalia cosplayers XD Oh and crack ... much crack ...

#21 KakeraのTsuki on 9 years ago

I just realized that this is for the one in December. Wow, I R SMRT.

So never mind. Suigintou for me at dTAC..

#22 november.eyes on 9 years ago

Just a question,

Just how big is DTAC? I've heard it's bigger than Dot-con?

I know there's a dealers room, is there an artist alley as well anywhere?

#23 MasterSwordette on 9 years ago

i've been considering going to this convention but never found any information last year until it was practically too late ;-; If I go I will be Inuyasha :) :) with my poor digicamera photographer dad in toe XD!

#24 KakeraのTsuki on 9 years ago

how big is DTAC? It's most of the street level floor of the MTCC north building filled with people sitting around. xD; It's probably bigger than Dotcon, but has way less events.

I don't think there's an artists' alley, or if there was, I missed it. =P

#25 FukashimaLoku on 9 years ago

For DTAC me and my group are going as First version of Varia from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and having a Christmas KHR photo shoot in Hamilton the day before and busing it the next day with everyone! I can't wait!

#26 ☆ KEITA on 9 years ago

@FukashimaLoku; I can't wait to see your group, I love the Varia~ <3 I'll definitely be asking for a photo, heh. Hugs too. Yes. :]

#27 WonderKittyTomo on 9 years ago

I'm hoping to be Tsuna or Chrome from Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn for dTAC, but with my funds it might not happen.... anyways I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there! Make it december already!

#28 KakeraのTsuki on 9 years ago

Varia! <3

Ahhhhh so tempted to cosplay Mukuro for Dtac now. Ditto what lawlilove said. :D

#29 nicki_013 on 9 years ago

Definately going! Not sure what to cosplay yet though

#30 Rock nam Lee on 9 years ago

*IN THEORY*, I should be able to go... but we'll see, how work treats me n' stuff.