Samurai Wariors Cosplayer!!!!

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#1 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Anyone interest??I’m doin’ an Okuni now…and I do need references…so if you know any web contain SW cosplayer….please tell me the link…Or if you have SW costume , you also can post it… :bigtu:

#2 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

Here a link to Samurai Warriors cosplayers: [url][/url]

Their costumes are sooooo cool! :D

#3 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Thank you so much Kirrsch!!! :)
Do you interest to cosplay SW too??

#4 Zhalfirin on 15 years ago

Same here Chichiri...I have a ninja outfit from days past, but I need all those details of Hattori Hanzo that ya just can't get with screen shots :P

#5 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

Sellafine - Yep~, I'm really interested in cosplaying Samurai Warriors. ^_^ I like Oichi's outfit. I can't resist a cute outfit...nonetheless a pink outfit! *laughs* But, it's like what ChichiriFreak & Zhalfirin say...I'm going to have to wait until the game is released here in the states. I never cosplay from a game/manga unless I have played/read it. I also need more reference.

#6 Sellafine on 15 years ago

I'm playing the Jap's really a great game.. :) !
You guys should buy it if SW released in US version!!

#7 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Ho..ho...can't wait to see more SW cosplayers.... :D
BTW...the jap girl cosplay Okuni really Kawaii...she inspire me so much!!

#8 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

I wish I knew Japanese well enough so that I could just buy the games as soon as they are released. But yeah, I'm buying the game as soon as I can whenever it gets released here in the States.

Yeah, the link to the Japanese cosplay is great, isn't it? *Nods* I liked the Okuni cosplay the best...the outfit is soooo pretty. You know what I always notice about the Japanese cosplayers: Where in the heck do they get their awesome fabric? I see it a lot in the Dynasty Warriors cosplay too. I guess they have an abundance of cool fabric/material over's so hard to find brocaded silk & such here in the U.S.

#9 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Oh...I see...In my country I can buy some silk in a China store...
But it's not as good as the japanesse cosplayers''s all about quality...
Japanesse silk really high quality.... :P
BTW,you shold try to look it in China town in your country...hope you'll find it soon.. :)

Waiting to see you guys cosplaying SW...I'm goin to post my Okuni as soon as it's done.. :)

#10 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

Yes, I have already found my brocaded silk about a month ago (online) at Thai Silks. It's really nice fabric. I did look in Chinatown (Los Angeles) in January, but the majority of the shops were shut down. *Shrugs* I can't wait to see your Okuni cosplay. I know you'll make a great Okuni! ^___^

#11 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Thank You Kirssch.. :)
Love to see both your Xiao Qiao and Oichi.. !

#12 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

Heh heh...I still have to work on Xiao. I'll get started on it at the beginning of next month. At least I have the shoes & hair accessories done. (Still a small percentage of the entire outfit overall). If I do Oichi, I should have it done by the end of this year. ^_^

It seems like Samurai Warriors is really popular to cosplay in Japan right now. I've seen a lot of sites with S.W. cosplay. It looks great.

#13 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Kirrsch...can you post more SW cosplayers website..please..please :)
Love too see more SW cosplayer cause I like the game so muchie.. :) :)

#14 Kirschwasser on 15 years ago

I've only found one site so far that I can post:

[url][/url] (You have to click on the Shashin link to look at the pictures.)

There was another site that had a lot of the SW characters cosplayed, but I forgot the address. I'll put it down whenever I find it. ^^

#15 Sellafine on 15 years ago

Thank You...very adorable Oichi and Mori... :)
Please post it again if you remember it... :D