Rose Tyler Union Jack shirt?

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#1 cheshirechoco on 7 years ago

I have searched high and low for Rose Tyler's Union Jack t-shirt that she wore in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, but I have finally resorted to making it myself. Do you guys have any tips to make it look good? Or do you know where I could buy an exact replica?

#2 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

I bought this shirt for my Rose cosplay.
it is to say the least...perfect.
it is short enough to show a white undershirt. and even has the flag on the sleeves like she does.

#3 cheshirechoco on 7 years ago

asdjlajfa you are an angel. Thank-you so much. ;u;

#4 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

GWCC? Nice. That's the one I use. ;)