Did You Get My Picture?

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#1 Delmar001 on 7 years ago

Really surprised to not see a thread for this up already.
I know we have one for galleries, but this is more so for individuals who may not have a gallery posted.

I will start,
On Friday evening / Saturday, I was going around as Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) from One Piece.


#2 Pezzidge on 7 years ago

Hi everyone~! I only was present Saturday afternoon/night, but I know a lot of people snagged a photo of my two costumes.

My main outfit (which I wore both in the afternoon and night), was Bolin from the Legend of Korra. You know, the Bolin with a Pabu on his shoulder~! Here is a reference photo:


Some time during the evening, I put Ariel on. I wasn't the Kiss the Girl Ariel (though she was adorable). My costume was a replica of the one she wears in the Magic Kingdom. Another reference photo, perhaps?


If anyone has photos of me and would like to share, please PM me, reply here, or contact me at [url]www.pezzidge.deviantart.com[/url]

#3 ManaXKnight on 7 years ago

If anyone has a picture of Hei (from Darker Than Black) taken, can you share that with me?

#4 Indy Tarquinson on 7 years ago

I was Toph Bei Fong from Avatar the Last Airbender, with Momo, on Friday and Saturday. Thank you!

#5 KitsuneKitty on 7 years ago

I was tristana from league of legends on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning I was Ayeka From Tenchi Universe

#6 Strawberrylawli on 7 years ago

I was chibi romano from hetalia Friday with a red dress and a little turtle (idk if i even had him in any pictures)

Saturday I was Jade Harley from Homestuck with colourful reminders, bec symbol shirt, a frog plush and a rifle. I really would love any picture of me from saturday

Sunday, again was Jade but without the rifle

#7 BetwixtReality on 7 years ago

I was the Shizuo with the vending machine on Friday, I'd love it to get any photos, of me or of just the vending machine.

#8 Demyx on 7 years ago

I was the yakuza!Sakura from Naruto and the torn up Vergil from Devil May Cry on Friday, and I was Hitsugaya from Bleach on Saturday =w=

#9 ManaXKnight on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=BetwixtReality;4429197]I was the Shizuo with the vending machine on Friday, I'd love it to get any photos, of me or of just the vending machine.[/QUOTE]I tagged you in one of the photos. ;)

#10 bigwil on 7 years ago


I got decent amount of people,check it out,and like to show support!

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