Dolly Kei: Where to begin?

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#1 Kazephyr on 7 years ago

I'm about to do some long overdue clothes shopping, and I thought I'd venture into some new fashion territory. I stumbled across some info and photos about Dolly Kei, and I'm very taken with it. :) I like to go into new things very informed, though, so I was wondering if there were some websites, online shops, blogs, etc. that could help out a newcomer to the fashion? Any special rules (like in Lolita)?

I particularly like outfits like this:
Is that a particular sub-fashion of Dolly Kei? Also, where does the name "Dolly Kei" come from? Because it has the look of antique dolls?

Thanks. :)

#2 BarkingPup on 7 years ago

Stuff from my weak google-fu:


A good resource for guideline pics.


A little bit of rules... sort of. A good explanation for it.


A community


another explanation post about some of the main styles seen.


might be something on this forum.

I didn't look too hard into the links so I'm not sure which ones are informative or not. But, fudge, it look like there's another fashion style to add to my list *stares forlornly at bank account*

It all looks very mori+luxury. Definitely inspired from historical pieces... a lot of it looks European...

Hm, couldn't find anything on the site about not posting links. So I hope this is okay!