Cosplay Contest Noob here D: Help?

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#1 ValhallasHarbinger on 6 years ago

Hey guys! So I am entering my cosplay in contest this year at Sakura Con, this is also my first ever cosplay making and I was wondering if you guys have any tips from costume details to walking on and off the stage. I'm kinda nervous but super excited and I hope you guys could give me some pointers on just about anything!
Thanks :D

#2 Sarcasm-hime on 6 years ago

Check out the 'what makes a good walk-on' thread, there's good tips in there.

Off the top of my head, some basic tips:

- challenge yourself, but don't aim so high that you don't have time, or don't yet have the skills to make what you're attempting. As a judge I prefer to see a well-made simple costume often than a sloppily made elaborate costume.

- practice a lot! When you get onstage your mind will shut off and you need that practice to keep you going!

- stay in character!!

- don't run across the stage too fast. Conversely, don't stay any longer than you need to in order to make your point.

I have a lot more tips here: [url][/url]

#3 ValhallasHarbinger on 6 years ago

Oh my god! I actually have talked to you about my cosplay before haha! I love your website by the way if you don't mind me saying :P thanks a bunch I'll be sure to check out the thread

#4 tereshkova2001 on 6 years ago

Practice, and be proud of your costume! That means show it off to the judges, whether workmanship or performance. It also means bring your best possible work.

#5 ValhallasHarbinger on 6 years ago

Alright thanks a bunch ^~^ I am very proud of my costume! I hope they will enjoy it as well!

#6 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Hey you ^_^
I will be right there with ya lol I am entering my Kingdom Hearts Cloud cosplay. Same con and everything lol I will have to look at that thread too!!

#7 ValhallasHarbinger on 6 years ago

Oh awesome! Good luck! It's nice knowing somebody I've talked with quite a bit is going to be entering too! I'm sure you'll do amazing ^~^

#8 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Thank you, and as will you! I have faith in ya!! We can even hang out right before lol
I mean You can see me and hang out whenever you feel like it all through the con, but you get my point lol

#9 ValhallasHarbinger on 6 years ago

YAY! Yeah just look for the bright red and yellow Chocolina merchant.... that'll be me more than likely unless somebody randomly decides to be her as well XD