ikkicon 2012 (Dec. 28-30) Austin, TX

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#16 Thearah on 7 years ago

My boyfriend and I should be going, hopefully!

#17 Merides on 7 years ago

So my cosplay plans have changed, here's what's planned:

Riza hawkeye (fullmetal alchemist) black shirt version, and formal spoiler version for the masquerade. keep an eye out for me there.
Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls with a group of the three of us.
Pokemon Trainer May (winter version) with Onix, in a group with my gals and their huge pokemon buddies.
Unohana (bleach) for photo shoots only.

#18 Aziro_Fusima on 7 years ago

Well I have found out today that I am allowed to go to Ikkicon as my big christmas present from my dad [long story] and funnily enough I'm staying with merides and her crew. I'm super excited. I have the money for my badge and room and my train tickets have been purchased.

Cosplays include~
Karou [with Shadowlovely as my hikaru and Sachiko as my Tamaki]
and possibly Nia

If nia doesn't arrive I will be bringing another cosplay. not sure what yet. Maybe miku.

#19 BetrothedBishop on 7 years ago

Oh god, Ikkicon's in like, 7 days. xD
I'll be going! My girlfriend and I are going as Matryoshka Miku and Gumi, respectively, and I should have one or two my homestuck cosplays done by then. Hopefully. :D
Gosh.. It's only a week away.

#20 SirDapperPants on 7 years ago

Oh, I already posted here, but I just want to say that if I get any pictures I'll put them on my photobucket and link you guys to it from this thread; so look out for that after the con. Just don't expect much, as my camera's a bit bad... And it may take a while, so just a heads up!

Also, seven days! I gotta work on my cosplays now! Thank goodness for winter break!

#21 Aziro_Fusima on 7 years ago

haha It's 6 days from now that I'm gonna be hopping on a train with my friend and going down to austin.

My final cement cosplay list is as follows:

Sailor Saturn [silence glaive and all]
Formal Anemone

and to go with that: Steampunk and 2 rave outfits.

#22 Merides on 7 years ago

Two days! Two dresses to finish! We can totally make this happen.

#23 SirDapperPants on 7 years ago

Kay, here's the link to my pictures on Photobucket!

[URL="http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/l567/TacoCandy/Ikkicon VI/"]http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/l567/TacoCandy/Ikkicon VI/[/URL]

They're all from Saturday.

I got-
No Face
Millenium Earl
Ninja Photo by my mom of the girl with the big Onix
Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay group
Me as Sora and the Kairi without a wig who took a pic with me
the Miku Hatsune who was carrying a plushie
Nepeta and that one blind troll from Homestuck
Death the Kid with gun arms from Soul Eater
A bunch of Johns from Homestuck
Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler. The Sebastian had a top hat.
And some pictures of me in my Sora.

Oh, also, does anyone know who won the cosplay contest categories? I left early, and I'm curious.

Sorry, I probably didn't get anyone here! I was too nervous on Friday since this was my first con. On Saturday I was nervous, but less so, so I got these, and I didn't go Sunday.

#24 Merides on 7 years ago

Yay! That "girl with the big onix" was me!

#25 Club Owner Dice on 7 years ago

Best in Show as the Avatar: Last Airbender group.
Best in Craftmanship was Jet Texas and his Warhammer Group
Best in Advance was a Tier 3 Troll from World of Warcraft
Best in Novice was a Ciel Phantomhive, a black outfit one. (No others in the group)
Best Prop was an Ichigo Bankai Sword by the Inchi-Clause
Best Skit was Tokoyo MewMew.

Some Judge choice awards were:
A Assasin's Creed Group
Princess Zelda
Big Sister

and err, forgot the other JC's ;/
I also dont know the Coscom names of any of the winners.

#26 FinalEVA on 7 years ago

All my pictures are up. I handed everyone out a card that I photographed. Anyway, enjoy.

Just reference my ID if you are going to post them up anywhere.


#27 B.O.M. on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=FinalEvangelion;4241647]All my pictures are up. I handed everyone out a card that I photographed. Anyway, enjoy.

Just reference my ID if you are going to post them up anywhere.


Thanks for the pics! The Nel Tu from Bleach & Lulu from FFX is my oldest daughter.

#28 Rangiku12 on 7 years ago

Ikkicon is a Japanese Animation and Pop Culture convention held in the capital of Texas, Austin.

This year it will be held in The Hilton Austin(500 East 4th Street) from December 28-30,2012

From my knowledge and I'm not 100% on this I've heard the "Cosplay in America" person would be there.

More info on this con here: [url]http://ikkicon.com/[/url]

Anyone going? Or has gone? This will be my first time and I'm a bit worried.

#29 Nyamo-Chan on 6 years ago

Heard of it.Its supposed to be really cool!
I want to eventually put it in my Yearly Con Trips since its in Texas but at the moment due to expenses i can't. ;-;
Good Luck tho,it seems really interesting~

#30 soraKHdemyx on 6 years ago

It's so much fun! Too bad it's not over the new year this time, but it'll still be fun!

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