Tokusatsu @ Nekocon 2012!

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#1 onsenmark on 6 years ago

Calling all Riders, Super Sentai, Rangers, Ultramen, Space Sherriffs, and other colorful heroes! Villains, too!

There's going to be a shoot/meetup during Neko! To nutshell:

Time: we're shooting for Saturday afternoon(that's 11/3) at around 2PM.
Place: The fountains out in front of the HRCC.

I don't think there's anything else going on at that time as far as photoshoots and whatnot. If there [b]is[/b], someone let us know, okay(I'm not setting this up, rly, I'm just the messenger, lol, don't shoot me!)?

I think that's it. Hope to see all the other toku fans there! :D

#2 MikoKudou on 6 years ago

I will SOOOOOO Be there....and if things go well, and I can get it done, I may be cosplaying Ankh, if not, Momo-chan it is ^^