Young Justice/DC cosplays 2013

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#1 Sastis on 6 years ago

A bit early for the topic but for this my boyfriend and I were doing the Young justice versions of Nightwing and Impulse.

Even with the whole cancellation on CN we were hoping to still round up some YJ and other DC cosplayers for a group shoot. :)

Is anyone interested?

#2 eebee on 6 years ago

I won't be doing any YJ, but I'm planning on wearing Ravager at least one day, and have gathered a potential Superboy, Raven, and Wonder Girl!

#3 flash1616 on 6 years ago

Not YJ, but still DC. I'll be cosplaying Catwoman from the shanghai batman short on th saturday.

#4 AVY on 6 years ago

Not YJ but I'll be coming as Nightwing with a friend as Injustice Batman and another as either Red Hood or Injustice Harley.

#5 Dakois on 6 years ago

I will be going as Robin (Tim Drake) from YJ.

#6 PEWTPE on 6 years ago

I might go as regular Raven or white Raven from Teen Titans (tv version)

#7 ladyjokershay on 6 years ago

Not YJ but on Sunday I'll be classic Harley and my brother Robin from Arkham City

#8 Tsuki_Hime on 6 years ago

Not YJ, but I'll be bringing old school Poison Ivy from Batman: The Animated Series. ^^

#9 ArsenicAlice on 6 years ago

I'll be there sat as Harley Quinn (original animated series version)with my friend as poison ivy(her own version)

#10 backwardschic on 6 years ago

Not YJ either, but I'll be there Saturday as Scarecrow from the Nolan Batman movies.

#11 tsukeru on 6 years ago

I'll be Raven from Teen Titans on Friday only.

#12 pineapplecstacy on 6 years ago

Late post is late~ [speedsters are always late asfgdh]
I'm going As Kidflash and KF-stealthsuit - Along with KidKlarion (with teekl) and Artemis~
[I dont think either of them have looked through this so~]
(hopefully I can find a halloween halo to be a terrible person and laugh at my own death for stealthsuit)-- But I know for sure I'll be KF all weekend

#13 SephirothFF7 on 6 years ago

Well I am going as YJ Superboy or comic book Superboy and New 52 Superboy I am looking for YJ, teen titans and new52 teen titans group.

#14 pocketchange on 6 years ago

Not YJ, but there will be a Mirror and possibly a Phantasm on Friday?

#15 astrospiketape on 6 years ago

Hey guys, so I'm the Artemis mentioned above. I was wondering anyone would be interested in having a photoshoot/hang out thing on saturday or sunday. I'm a photographer and would love to hang out and take pictures. So yeah. Decide on times and stuff, I'm pretty flexible.