Sophitia from Soul Calibur

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#1 Thevina on 8 years ago

Hello all! As my local convention creeps around the corner I am trying to finish up my cosplay of Sophitia. What I am stuck on (and have had to re-do 3 times) is the skirt portion of her toga.

What I am stuck on is how to get the "flared" look and feel of her skirt. When I spin or move around, I want it to flounce a little bit. Reference photos are below and you can check out my profile to see my progress on it.

My only idea was to use an elastic waistband like I would with a lolita skirt to gather it, and then sew the two together.

Any other ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!!



#2 electroViolet on 8 years ago

try to cut it from circle instead of rectangle.
you know,like here [url][/url]
If the fabric is light enough the skirt will look just like on the art :)