Cosplay in Mexico City - DF

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#1 Skyletsun on 7 years ago

So its been agessss!! since I been on here! I almost forgot I even had it...but anyways, besides the point. I was we actually have any groups or meetings...or something in DF for Cosplay? Stores...or something?

Apenas encontre mi pagina otra ves! se me avia olvidado que lo tenia...queria saber si hasemos meetings o si tenemos gropos de Cosplay en el Distrito Federal...y si no...:) Tengo unas ideas

Oh and my page might be blank...I come back and all my pics were taken down by the admin lol

#2 danxzero on 7 years ago

pss en el DF debe de haber muchos grupos pss ally es la sede de las TNT unas de las principales expos de todo mexico, saludo desde veracruz