Please help find more pictures of Mirka from Trinity Blood Manga

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#1 shushuwafflez on 7 years ago

My partner and I are wanting to do Seth and Mirka for next year, but can't seem to find good pictures of Mirka from the manga version of Trinity blood.

I'm hoping that somebody or someone would have pictures. I've seen partials of her outfit most of the time. Are there any of her entire outfit? We are only at the stage where we are gathering references, so we are not looking for a specific outfit she wears.

We are entering them in a contest so we need a reference pic or 2 for sure.

please help!

#2 mokulen22 on 7 years ago

[URL=""]this site[/URL] is good

#3 BisectedBrioche on 7 years ago

I found these with a bit of googling;


#4 shushuwafflez on 7 years ago

This is really helpful!!
now we can really start!