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#1 Croix_Bartel on 8 years ago

Is anybody here... I mean in winnipeg.... alive :drunk:

#2 Chiaki-kare on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Croix_Bartel;4162822]Is anybody here... I mean in winnipeg.... alive :drunk:[/QUOTE]

I am :)

#3 Croix_Bartel on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Chiaki-kare;4163522]I am :)[/QUOTE]

LOL heya

#4 Chiaki-kare on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Croix_Bartel;4166514]LOL heya[/QUOTE]

Hi :)

#5 Yunalicia on 7 years ago

I'm from Thunder Bay but I've been going to Ai-Kon the past two years :D

#6 uzuki54 on 7 years ago

I'm moving to Ignace (two and a bit hours north of Thunder Bay) and am looking into going to Ai-kon. By the looks of it, it seems much quieter than Anime North, which is good cause I got a little... not quite sure of the proper term, but fairly uncomfortable. Hopefully I'll be able to cosplay, I'm in the research stage of one.

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