AM2 Pokemon Gathering 2012

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#1 moonymonster on 7 years ago

Hi guys! I noticed there was an old thread for 2011 about a gijinka gathering, but nothing for this year so far. So, I'd like to find out if we can organize one! I'm pretty familiar with how gatherings are run, and from the looks of it we could hold it in Hall B or outside the convention hall by the palm trees. (I think this would look nicer in photos, but would be hotter, so it's a tradeoff. I'd appreciate help in that regard, because I've never held gatherings in Anaheim before.) I'd like to know when you guys think it would be a good day to meet up, and a time.

I will be dressed as Misty and will give out actual badges to anyone who defeats me in battle, so bring your DS with you!

The photo categories will be:

* Group Photo
* Group Silly Face Picture
* Humans
* Gijinka
* Anime Characters
* Game Characters
* Manga (if there are any) Characters
* Bad Guys
* Separated Pokemon types if we have that many people or it's requested
* Pokemon generations if we have that many people or it's requested
* Requests
* Fanservice picture :3

It might also be fun if afterward we did a sort of Pokemon Dinner (or Lunch) if we're hungry. I've done that before and it's usually a lot of fun.

Anime Characters:
moonymonster: Misty
David: Ash

fromzombieswithlove: Squirtle, with Blastoise

Manga Characters:

Game Characters:

Bad Guys:

Thanks, guys! Hope to see you there!

#2 fromzombieswithlove on 7 years ago

If I do end up going, I'll be a Squirtle, and my boyfriend will be Blastoise :3

#3 moonymonster on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=fromzombieswithlove;4374679]If I do end up going, I'll be a Squirtle, and my boyfriend will be Blastoise :3[/QUOTE]

Awesome ^^ Those are my niece's two favorite Pokemon!

#4 moonymonster on 7 years ago

Bump :D

#5 Nonoe on 7 years ago

I'm doing something....just not 100% Might go as deoxys gijinka and bring along a genesect, but if not, then I'll probably show up as drapion, my still favorite pokemon :3

#6 -_-Ichigo on 7 years ago

I'll try to go. I'll be Skitty if not maby Pikachu. I can't decide who to be yet. :3

#7 mscasp on 7 years ago

I voted Sunday morning so far. There is a chance I probably can't attend AM2 on Friday. For Saturday, both of those times are bad for me because there is a panel I'm attending at 11 A.M., and possibly another cosplay gathering I'm going to at 2 P.M. If I go, I'm going to be a random Pokemon professor.

#8 goomzz on 7 years ago

If we do it Sunday I can bring out my Vaporeon cosplay!

#9 moonymonster on 7 years ago

K guys, it's tied between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Mind we can make the Saturday gathering later, the time I wrote down was mostly based on my experiences with the AX Pokemon Gatherings...and since this is so small we can probably move it down to a time that is convenient to everyone. since I can't make a new poll for this entry for some reason, I've made a new one on my DeviantArt account and we can decide that way.


Thanks for your imput, guys! The benefit to having a late gathering on Saturday is if we feel like it we could go out and have dinner afterward I said, I've done that many times and it's a lot of fun. Especially if you have a lot of cosplayers and troll the restaurant with ten or fifteen Pokemon cosplayers. Good times.

#10 moonymonster on 7 years ago

So guys the poll's in and Saturday afternoon has won. To try and fit everyone I think we should start the gathering around 3:30 or 4 PM instead of somewhere between 2-3. For me personally the time doesn't matter that much since I wander around all day taking photos, so let me know if 3:30 or 4 PM works for everyone. (And which. I'm trying to make it work but I'd like to make sure it will!)

#11 mscasp on 7 years ago

Moonymonster, you are a good artist. I like your drawings.

Sorry for my late reply. I was out-of-town this weekend with limited computer access.

I'm going to the Hetalia cosplay gathering at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, so I'm glad you're moving the Pokemon gathering to a later time. I don't know how long the cosplay gathering would last, so I guess 4:00 P.M. would be better for me. I'm not sure if I'll be going to the dinner or not. I also hope I'm not attending any events at that time. The AM2 site is down so I can't look up the schedule.

#12 moonymonster on 7 years ago

I don't think the Hetalia thing will last two hours XD Most gatherings I go to...well, the majority of the group tends to leave after half an hour. There's always people like me who goof off til the bitter end, but they usually don't last for more than 1 hour max. I think we should be fine. ^^

#13 mscasp on 7 years ago

Thanks! If that's the case, then either 3:30 or 4:00 P.M. should be fine, unless I see an event I want to attend.

#14 sicdedman on 7 years ago

Pokemon! yay Yay! I do not have a Cosplay. but i would like to take pictures at your gathering! My New Camera Would be very Happy to Catch ALL the Pokemon as well!!!

#15 mscasp on 7 years ago

It's all right if you don't cosplay. I pretty much don't do it either, and usually attend only to meet people and take pictures. I started cosplaying a random Pokemon professor the past few months.

The schedule is finally back up. It looks like there is nothing interesting Saturday afternoon, so we could do 3:30 or 4:00 P.M.