Hetalia Nan Desu Kan 2011 (Photoshoot)

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#1 DrAoina on 8 years ago

Alright so I could have sworn I had made a thread about this before in the NDK area but it mysteriously vanished.

Anyway I wanted to get this re-posted because from what I've seen in both the Who's Going to NDK thread as well as general Colorado Cosplayer thread we seem to have a lot of people cosplaying as someone from Hetalia.

It'd be great to get everyone together one of the days and have a massive photoshoot. Also it'd be nice to get a collection of costumes and who's doing what so we can know who we need and which characters we'll have duplicates of.

So without further ado lemme know what day you plan on wearing your Hetalia costume, who it'll be and what type if necessary.

Right now I've got a Revolutionary America in the works as well as a Female America. I could throw together a Canada or France fairly easily and same goes for Germany. :D I'd just like to see what we got so far. I'll update as necessary with who is cosplaying who.;

#2 sunabozu_86 on 8 years ago

Count me as America too, I got a shoot thread going on the NDK boards, but its good to plan here and pass it on there.

#3 DrAoina on 8 years ago

Awesome! I'll have to look for it there. I almost never check in at the NDK forums via the official website.

Well I plan on having female America done for sure so maybe I'll go as her and can team up with ya. BD

#4 sunabozu_86 on 8 years ago

Certainly, I'm planning on bringing normal and possibly revolutionary war america if I can get that in time to NDK this year. The shoot will be on Saturday, we'll be meeting to gather then moving the shoot outside to the grassy courtyard if its nice outside.

#5 Naruto Uzumaki on 8 years ago

I'll be there as Russia, and if all goes well as Holy Roman Empire as well.

#6 DrAoina on 8 years ago

Ah it'll be great to see y'all! I'll have to keep an eye out for you guys. I think I'm only going to manage the Nyotalia America costume for NDK. I've got other cosplays planned for the other days. >< Too many costumes, too little time.

#7 SA2R on 8 years ago

You said it D= Way too many dang cosplays for a three day con ;A;
And I do remember your thread =O
Anywayz~ going as Japan here n-n I might bring Prussia, but I dont know =>

#8 Adorima on 8 years ago

I don't think I'm going to NDK this year (did you guys know there was an attendance cap anyways? At least that's what I heard...). But I am going to try my best to cosplay Wang Yao or China from APH...Don't know if you guys want to do a meet up later on this year...and by later on I mean REALLY late, like Oct-Dec. Maybe I can get Wang done by Holloween. :)

#9 sunabozu_86 on 8 years ago

Sa2r we haz to hang as America and Kiku. It nem btw.

We have a good idea for the shoot. Is Saturday at 11 ok with everyone? It'll be outside in the grassy courtyard. Gathering near Starbucks.

#10 KnightJeran on 7 years ago

I'll be America for NDK. It'll also be my first NDK... and my first con at college! Eeek!

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