Anime Evolution 2011 - WHAT HAPPEND?

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#1 Kaijugal on 8 years ago


#2 LunaNera on 8 years ago

Via their website:

"Posted on February 4th, 2011

To all AE Attendees, Staff, Volunteers, Dealers, Honoured Guests and the greater Vancouver animation community.

We would like to start by thanking everyone who have been awaiting details for the next Anime Evolution, and we are very sorry that up until this point we have not been able to share any news with you.

As many know, the AE Convention Corporation, the company set-up to facilitate the year-to-year operations of AE, held our annual general meeting where the current Planning Committee was elected by our peer AE Staff members. We were given a mandate to begin preparation for the 2011 convention, and initial planning commenced.

The first official activity was our hand-over meeting. This was a meeting between members of the 2010 Committee, 2011 Committee, the Corporation members. The 2011 board was told at that time that the corporation was currently dealing with financial and legal matters that required immediate attention before any major planning could be started. The 2011 board requested at that time, that once matters were cleared up that we could know the answers for three questions.
- When would we hold AE2011?
- Where would we hold AE2011?
- What was our starting budget to allow us to start planning?

We had hoped to have those answers for the beginning of November 2010, in the desire to open pre-registration prior to the Holidays. Now, it is 3 months past that point, and we have yet to receive any solid response despite requests for updates.

This past week-end the 5 members of the 2011 AE Planning Committee held a private meeting regarding the current status of the next Anime Evolution, and our ability to plan anything further without the details we require. It is with profound sadness that we came to the decision that as we didn’t have the tools to do our jobs, we effectively have no job to do.

A couple days ago the Committee informed the Corporation, that after discussing a number of issues at our meeting, that we have voted unanimously to dissolve the current Committee effective immediately. This is not a matter we took lightly, it was something each member had placed considerable thought into and in some cases, done with the consultation of previous members of AE planning committees. We would especially like to thank our fellow staff who have been waiting for details, and apologize for not being able to release any details before now.

This does not, and should not be seen as the end of AE, it is simply the realist result that we can not place our own lives on hold awaiting details we should have already received. Because of this action, the Corporation now holds full control of the direction the next AE event will take, and once everything is ready to proceed, they will be able to call a new election, appoint people as they see fit, or take the reigns themselves. If you do have have immediate concerns regarding the current state of your pre-registration status or other outstanding issues, please direct your inquiries to the Corporation Treasurer.

As members of the AE family and the Vancouver community, we all look forward to when our next event will officially be announced and hope to be part of it in different roles. We urge all fans in our community, not to give up hope and continue to support the AE staff, the AE Corporation and the future events planned not only by AE, but all the other clubs, meet-ups, showings, and dances made available from various sources. After all the community doesn’t exist for AE, but that AE and all other events exist for the community.

Thank you once again, we will see you all soon.

Signed, The members of the dissolved Anime Evolution 2011 Planning Committee"

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#3 KittytheSheGeek on 8 years ago

the tl;dr version:

AE ran into issues (mostly monetary) and the corp isn't telling the staffers anything, so they got tired of waiting and withdrew. It's extremely unlikely AE is happening this year, but with any luck the corp will fix their problems by next year. Definitely check out the forums that LunaNera posted; I'm a regular at the AE forums and I've gotten most of my info just from there. Talking to staffers actually answered more questions than the post on the website did.