Cons in sept to dec???

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#1 r.fLowers on 8 years ago

Hello. I am studying abroad in Spain this year (2011) and I really want to go to a con while im there! x3

I will probably go to eirtakon 2011 in Ireland ... but I was wondering if there are any cons or anime get-togethers in Spain (hopefully Seville area) during September to December.

Gracias! x3

#2 Jasone on 8 years ago

In Andalucia (Seville area) do not know if these dates there will be something, but I think not.

But in Spain at that time you have events in Madrid (Expomanga) and the largest is Spain in Barcelona Salon del Manga de BCN. The two in October.

#3 Aliss on 7 years ago

In october you have the Japan weekend in Madrid :D

#4 Jasone on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Aliss;4006784]In october you have the Japan weekend in Madrid :D[/QUOTE]

True, it's not the Expomanga en Madrid in October, ir the Japan Weekens, sorry.

#5 r.fLowers on 7 years ago

cool thanks! do a lot of ppl cosplay at the japan weekend?

#6 NoiR_X on 7 years ago

#7 jripper21 on 7 years ago

There's the Otakon 2011 in Sevilla at December. ^^ I will go. :3

#8 r.fLowers on 7 years ago

cool!! thanks everyone!! i'll definitely look into these :)